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Tips to Capture Photographers in Delhi amidst the Raising Cases of COVID-19

COVID-19 the unforgettable Pandemic in our lives has now once again caught the headlines of newspapers and television headlines in India. Weddings are still happening and in some places no doubt certain restrictions are imposed about the number of guests to be invited. But still, clicking photographs is such an essential element that photographers will be part and parcel of any wedding ceremony. So, if you are all set to capture photographs again as a chief Wedding Photographer in Delhi, we are listing some key tips to help you out with your photography endeavors and staying safe.

  • Maintain Social Distancing: Even if you are clicking the best photographers, staying safe is extremely important. You should take a pledge to stay safe and capture stunning photographs by maintaining the required social distance. Once you have captured the entire photograph and attended the wedding ceremony, keep yourself in quarantine for a few days.
  • Clean the Gear Frequently: Do not let anyone touch your camera and we advise you to clean the camera and lenses to stay safe. Also, staying extra careful can help you win laurels as staying safe is more important than falling prey to deadly COVID-19. So, on a strict note, deny sharing your equipment with anyone be it your assistant photographer or someone fond of looking at your camera just inquisitively.
  • Wash your Hands Frequently: To stay safe follow all the norms that can contribute to keeping ourselves healthy. Do wash hands at frequent intervals or also wear a mask. Eat healthy and ensure taking immunity booster drinks. If you are going to attend a wedding to capture wedding Photographers in Delhi, following these steps will keep you out of danger from falling prey to COVID-19. Ignore shaking hands with anyone during the entire wedding ceremony.


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