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Google Hat Camera Wearable camera

Google Hat Camera

Google hat camera recently filed a patent for an era enhanced baseball cap that could take nevertheless photos and capture videos from a digital camera mounted on the brim, in line with information reports. The high tech cap may be the tech missive’s follow up to its failed Google Glass and could offer opposition to similar wearable devices, along with Snap's Spectacles.

The  U.S patent office granted on Tuesday February 28th 2017 for Google hat camera. Within the patent, they described a hat and digital camera machine that gives a couple of blessings to customers which include an interactive experience for social media purposes, personal safety; customers should share photos or video without delay from what has been dubbed the Google Hat to a social media account. However the hat's technology may also be useful in an emergency. Google Hat camera ought to protect the user from a threatening scenario.

Google Hat Camera Patent Claims:

The camera system is configured to connect via the wireless communications module and a mobile computing device to a social networking server, including authenticating to the social networking server with a user identifier; and shares one or more images from the digital camera with one or more other user identifiers associated with the user identifier by the social networking server. 

A microphone and an audio speaker, wherein the camera system is configured to conduct an interactive session with the remote system via the wireless communications module and a mobile device, sends audio from the microphone and one or more images from the camera to the remote system; and plays audio from the remote system on the audio speaker. 

  • The audio speaker is configured to create audio waves through the hat by bone conduction in the skull of the wearer of the hat. 

  • The camera system is received in the brim through a front side of the brim. 

  • The camera system is fitted in the brim with the first portion of the camera system protruding through a void in a surface of the brim to a position above the brim and the second portion of the camera system protrudes through the void in the brim to a position below the brim. 

Google hat camera

  • A battery module is attached to the hat in a location outside the receptacle in the brim so that the weight of the battery module at least partially balances the weight of the camera system; and electrically couples the battery module to the camera system. 

  • The hat comprises an inductive charging module configured to charge the battery module, with the method comprising hanging the hat on an inductive charger to charge the battery after the end of the interactive assistance session. 

  • It is connected by the mobile device, to a social networking server; authenticating to a user account on the social networking server; and selecting one or more user identifiers connected to the user account for sharing, thereby causing the mobile device to transmit the video feed received from the camera system to the social networking server for sharing with one or more user devices associated with the one or more user identifiers. 

  • The camera system is fitted in the brim through the front side of the brim. 


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