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Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University is a private Women's University in Seoul, South Korea. This university was established in 1886 by the American Methodist Episcopal Church. Ewha Womans University is the world's largest female educational institute and one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea.

Ewha Womans University:


Ewha Womans University, 52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03760, South Korea. Telephone: +82-2-3277-2114.

Academic Colleges and Schools:

Ewha Womans University has College of Liberal Arts, College of Art and Design, College of Social Sciences, College of Education, College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Law, College of Business Administration, College of Health sciences, College of Pharmacy, College of Music, College of Scranton etc. Ewha Womans University has three kinds of graduate schools like the Graduate school, Professional graduate school and Special graduate school.

Key Subjects:

The main subjects are

  • Liberal Arts, Law, Business Administration,

  • Health sciences, Pharmacy, Music Art and Design,

  • Social Sciences, Education, Natural Sciences, Engineering,

  • Childhood education, Economics, Sociology, Psychology,

  • Consumer studies, Journalism, Advertising and public relations,

  • Industrial design and Media interaction design etc.

Admission Process:


Eligibility: Female foreign nationals whose parents are both of foreign nationality. Applicants must have acquired previous diploma before applying for admission. Language proficiency is mandatory like for Korean language TOPIC, for English TOEFL 80, IELTS 5.5 and TEPS 550 and other.

Application Process: Online Application Submission Is With Required Documents,

Notification of admissions decision. Every year two times. Applicants should submit online application and then hard copies of all educational and visa related documents should be submitted through postal mail or in person at university building.

For further information you may visit

Korean Language Program:

Ewha Womans University has three kinds of programs like Intensive programs, Short-term program and special programs.

Intensive Program: four semesters per year. Registration process includes application submission, confirmation from university, proficiency test.

Short Term Program: It is three week program. 6 semesters per year. Registration process includes application submission, confirmation from university, tuition payment, admission and proficiency test.

For further information can be found at

Ewha Womans University


Ewha Womans University has valuable collaborates with around 830 partners in 64 countries.

  • Major universities are Australian National University, Cornell University,

  • Freie University of Berlin, Ghent University, Harvard University,

  • Indiana University, King’s College London, Nanyang Technological University,

  • Peking University, University of California, Irvine,

  • University of British Columbia, University of Edinburgh,

  • University of Hong Kong,

  • Uppsala University and Waseda University.

Achievements And Awards

  • Ewha Womans University is the one and only Korean university participating as a partner in the Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP) and Ewha-Harvard Summer School Program.

  • Ewha Womans University  won 5th rank in 2012 and 6th rank in 2013 in National Judicial Exam and the 7th highest number in Civil Service Exam in 2013 (ranked 5th in 2012).

  • Ewha Womans University got 1st rank among all private Korean universities in the number of citations per research paper in the 2012 Chosun-QS Evaluation of Asian Universities.

  • First in the 2013 Leiden Ranking, a qualitative assessment of faculty research in the world’s top 500 universities.

  • 5th rank among all Korean universities in the Chosun-QS Evaluation of Asian Universities.

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