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Everland is a large private theme park which is located in Yongin, Seoul, South Korea. It has 7.3 million visitors per year. Everland ranked in sixteenth position in the world for amusement park attendance in 2014. Everland’s amusement attractions are very impressive. In addition to its main attractions, other interesting places include a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay.

  • It houses diverse attractions for people of all ages, different themed festivals including Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and other festivals all year long.
  • One of the park’s most famous rides is T-Express, Korea’s first wooden roller coaster, popular among young visitors.
  • Everland is operated by Samsung C&T Corporation (formerly known as Samsung Everland, Cheil Industries), which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

Everland Attractive Zones:

  • Global Fair,
  • Zoo-Topia,
  • European Adventure,
  • Magic Land,
  • American Adventure.

Global Fair:

Global Fair is primarily a place for food, souvenirs and pictures as visitors make their way into and out of the park. There are many shops and restaurants as well as services such as stroller rental and lockers.


Zoo-Topia is an animal-themed portion. There is a petting zoo, pony rides, and animal shows. Zootopia is a must-see as it spans over an area of 15,000㎡ and exhibits 2,000 animals of 201 species. There is a small zoo with polar bears, sea lions, penguins, bears, tigers and primates. A safari bus ride is available which shows animals such as ligers and bears roaming in a contained habitat. The visitors stay in the bus. Amazon Express is a raft ride, where most visitors get splashed. The petting zoo has animals such as goats and sheep to pet. Kosik, one of Zoo-Topia's elephants, made headlines when he demonstrated an ability to imitate Korean words.

  • Join the expedition to explore The Lost Valley Safari Adventure! Enjoy the fantastic safari adventure aboard the world’s first specialized convertible amphibian vehicle!
  • Move from water to land through the land of Mother Nature where approximately 150 unique animal species roam freely.
  • Lost Valley Safari offers an up close and in person opportunity to learn and experience how to coexist with animals.
  • Lost Valley provides a completely differentiated Safari experience, enabling visitors to get a real feel for life in the wilderness.

A pair of giant pandas given from Chinese president Xi Jinping as a symbol of friendship between Korea and China, will be shown to people for the first time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Everland in 2016.

European Adventure:

European Adventure has many restaurants in European styles. The architecture imitates European styles. There is a flower garden encircled by a train, games and arcades. A favorite attraction here is the Mystery Mansion where visitors can shoot at the ghosts. In March 2008, a ride named "T Express" was added. It is the first roller-coaster in Korea to be constructed out of wood.

Magic Land:

Magic land is an elaborate array of buildings and rides. There is a portion called Aesop's Village where the characters and themes are primarily drawn from the fables of Aesop. The Ferris wheel provided a spectacular view of the whole park until it was closed in 2011 to allow for more rides. There is a log flume, a futuristic flying ride, and a robot ride. Along with the rides, there are many restaurants and stands.

American Adventure:

Themes from American history are presented in this portion of the park. There is one Wild West ride, the rodeo. "Eagle fortress" was closed down.

In Rock Ville the theme is the 1950s and its music. The Double Rock Spin is a main attraction as live bands play near the Rolling X-Train, a roller coaster in the park.

How To Reach:

You can use subway metro train from all over the Seoul city. Then transfer to Yongin Ever line at Giheung station on bundang line. From Giheung station it will take about 30 min to reach Jeondae Everland Station. Here you can take the free serviced shuttle busses to reach the entrance.

Other options like public buses or private taxis can be used to reach Jeondae Everland Station.


You can have multiple options like Korean traditional foods and fast food. Even you can also try beer and soft drinks.

Opening hours

It will open every day from 10 AM to 11 PM

Everland Hotels:

Near Everland, you may not get suitable hotel. If you stay in Seoul city, you can have fun and visit other tourist places also. Here we list some of hotels for your stay.

  1. Yeouido Park Centre Seoul
  2. Ibis styles Ambassador Seoul Gangnam
  3. Yuwonmate Hotel
  4. Hotel A7
  5. The California Hotel Seoul Seocho
  6. Chezlee Hotel
  7. Oslo Hotel
  8. Centro Hotel
  9. FL Hotel
  10. Art hotel
  11. E Hotel
  12. Seocho Cancun Hotel
  13. The Plaza Seoul, Autograph Collection
  14. Ramada Hotel Seoul
  15. JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul
  16. Park Hyatt Seoul

Seoul Airports:

You can reach Seoul city by plane from your country. Seoul has two airports,

  1. Incheon International Airport
  2. Gimpo International Airport

If you plan long trip then you may choose other international airports also.

  1. Yangyang International Airport
  2. Jeju International Airport
  3. Muan International Airport
  4. Daegu International Airport
  5. Cheongju International Airport
  6. Gimhae International Airport


Everland Admission Fees:

  • One day Ticket: Adults 52,000 won / Teenagers 44,000 won / Children & Seniors 41,000 won
  • Two day Ticket: Adults 81,000 won / Teenagers 68,000 won / Children & Seniors 64,000 won
  • Weekdays (One day): Adults 43,000 won / Teenagers 36,000 won / Children 33,000 won
  • Working day Night Ticket (after 5PM): Adults 43,000 won / Teenagers 37,000 won / Children & Seniors 34,000 won
  • Weekend Night Ticket (after 17:00): Adults 35,000 won / Teenagers 32,000 won / Children 30,000 won

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