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Eman Ahmed Loses Half Weight | Egypt 500kg Woman Surgery Indian Hospital

Eman Ahmed looses

Eman Ahmed Loses- Eman Ahmed EI Aty has reached 250 kg from her weight 500 kg, which means that she reduced her weight. Mumbai Saifee multi speacility hospital is treating her weight loss prescription. Eman Ahmed Egyptian woman says she has lost 250kg after Bariatric excision.

Eman Ahmed Loses Half Weight:

Eman Abd was originally 500 kg (world’s heaviest women). Even she couldn’t leave her home for 25 years. She came to India for Bariatric excision to lose her weight and get normal. Saifee Hospital at  Mumbai, has been doing her heavy weight loss prescription by specialized doctors. She reached Saifee hospital two months ago.

The dispensary medical team which is leading by Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said that, she could now fit into a dispensary stroller and sit up for longer time periods. Dr. Lakdawala said in a statement that Ms Abd El Aty continued to "briskly" lose weight, but added that a stroke she had suffered as a child meant that she was still incabable of moment on one side of her body and continued to suffer convulsions. She also has obstruction in speaking and swallowing.

The pronunciamento added that the dispensary was now waiting for her to lose enough heavy weight  to be able to fit inside a Tomography scan machine to ascertain the cause of her stroke. Dr. Lakdawala said the next stage of her prescription involved posed her on a trial drug for obesity after six months. The dispensary is pronto attempting to procure the drug from a United States of America based pharmaceutical company.

She weighed 5kg at birth and was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a feature in which body parts swell due to a blood sucking infection. When she reached 11 years, her body weight raised sharply and she underwent a stroke which left her bedridden. Ms. Abd El Aty's heavy weight loss means she may no longer be the World’s heaviest woman alive.The Guinness world record says the heaviest woman living is Pauline Potter in the US, who weighed 293.6 kg when measured in July 2012.

Eman Ahmed Loses

Bariatric Excision:

Bariatric surgical is also known as heavy weight loss surgery. This excision includes a series of procedures performed for weight loss. Bariatric excision is used as a last resort to treat people who are harmfully obese. In this treatment, heavy weight loss will be achieved by trimming the size of stomach with gastric band or through expulsion of a portion of the stomach. Long term study reports show that this prescription helped to rebate the risk from diabetic coronary infarction and helped reduction of mortality of 23% from 40%. Best weight loss surgical prescription has two most common types. Those heavy weight loss excisions are as follows:

Eman Ahmed loses

Source: BBC, Saifee hospital

Gastric Band:

In this type, a band is used to rebate the size of the stomach so a smaller amount of food is required to make someone feel full.

Gastric Bypass:

In this prescription, the digestive tract is re-routed past most of the stomach so less food is digested to make someone feel full.

Eman Ahmed loses

Eman Ahmed Loses Source: BBC

Bariatric Surgery Cost:

The costs of bariatric surgerical procedure depend on the type of procedures. Bariatric surgical have four stabilizing procedure types,

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass,
  • Gastric Banding,
  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) and
  • Duodenal Switch

The proximate bariatric surgical procedures cost in United States around Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ($24,000), Gastric banding ($15,000), Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) ($19,000) and Duodenal switch, ($27,000). 

Source: BBC, Saifee Hospital

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