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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -- Nelson Mandela

“Pen is mightier than the sword”. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Education is basically a continuous learning process that enlightens the human kind and is the key to success. Education guides the systematic way of living and reforms the society through motivation, training and inculcating about the nature. Education enables us to think appropriately and make right decisions. Education improves socio-economic standards of the mankind, maintaining gender equality, creating job opportunities and enhancing the skilled manpower pool.

Education is the process of promoting learning, gaining knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Educational methods include discussion, teaching and training. Education system varies across the world depending on various factors like geographical locations, cultures and socio-economic scenarios. Global education is a perspective which arises from the fact that contemporary people live and interact in an ever-increasing globalized world. It gives learners an opportunity to compete and share the knowledge with their peers across the world. Global education brings together the agendas of different fields of education like human rights education, education for sustainability, education for peace and intercultural and interfaith education, the global dimension of education for citizenship and more.

Diary Store is one of the best and genuine online sources for all kinds of educational information including Educational institutes, General Knowledge, Science and Technology, Cultural knowledge, Innovations, Discoveries, Educational Systems knowledge and more.

Norwegian Krone

Norwegian Krone Currency | Norway Krone | NOK

Norwegian krone Currency: Norwegian krone is the official currency of Norway and its dependent territories. And it is subdivided into 100 øre. As of April 2016, the krone was the 14 th most traded currency in the world by value. In 1875, the krone...
Swedish Krona

Swedish Krona Currency | SEK | KR | Sweden Krona

Swedish Krona Currency: Swedish Krona is the official currency of Sweden. It is also sometimes to as Swedish Crown in English because the word “Krona” means “Crown”. It has come into existence since 1873. Swedish Krona is denoted by SEK and is...
Chinese Renminbi

Chinese Yuan Renminbi | China Renminbi Currency

Chinese Renminbi Currency: Renminbi is the official currency of People’s Republic of China. Renminbi is also referred to by the other name as Chinese Yuan, without any difference practically though there is a subtle conceptual variance between the...
Australian dollar

Australian Dollar | AUD | Tuvalu | Australia Currency

Australian Dollar Currency: Australian Dollar was the fifth most traded currencies in the world according to a report of 2016. It is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia (comprising the mainland of Australian continent, the island...
Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc Currency | CHF | Switzerland Currency Franc

Swiss Franc Currency: Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also the official currency in the Italian Exclave Campione d’Italia. The sovereign authority to issue currency notes lies with the Swiss National Bank...
Hong Kong dollar

Hong Kong dollar | Hong Kong Currency | HKD | Cent

Hong Kong dollar: Official currency of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is Hong Kong dollar. It is subdivided into 100 cents. The governmental currency board of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and it is also the de facto...
Singapore dollar

Singapore dollar | SGD | Cent | Singapore Currency

Singapore Dollar: Singapore Dollar is official currency of Singapore and it was introduced in 1967. It is divided into 100 cents. As of 2016, the Singapore dollar is the 12 th most traded currency in the world by value. According to the Currency...
Brazilian Real

Brazilian Real | Brazil Currency | BRL | Centavo

Brazilian real Currency (BRL): Brazilian real is the official currency of Brazil. One real corresponds to 100 centavos. The Central Bank of Brazil is the central bank and the issuing authority. As of April 2016, the real is the nineteenth most...
Russian Ruble

Russian Ruble | Russia Currency |RUB | Kopeyka

Russian ruble currency: The official currency of Russia is Russian ruble. It is also used this currency in two partially recognized states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the two unrecognized republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Russian ruble is...
Canadian dollar

Canadian Dollar | CAD | Canada Currency | Canada Dollar

Canadian Dollar Currency: The official currency of Canada is Canadian dollar. It is worthwhile to mention about its corresponding name in French because the second most important language in Canada after English is French. It is called in French as...