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World Costliest Birds | World Top 10 most Expensive Birds

World Costliest Birds

World Costliest Birds are very beautiful creation made by god in the world.  Almost everyone in the world loves the birds. Birds are very attractive due to their colorful designs and features. Because of more beautiful and uniqueness of birds, some animal lovers collect different types of them and to be kept as a pet. Birds are available in both the prices as some are cheap because these birds are almost found in all regions in the world including in these are sparrow, parrots, crows and other similar birds. While some of them are very high cost because they are rare in the world. These costliest birds are precious for the whole world and are difficult to see in the world by the normal people. Birds that are found rare in the world are very expensive and are categorized the most expensive birds, here is we listed top 10 most expensive birds in the world.

World Costliest Birds:

10. Wood Duck Bird:

Wood duck is also called as Carolina Duck. It is found in North America. It is look like very beautiful and attractive because of its different colors and different shades of wings and feather. Wood ducks mainly eat berries, acorns, and seeds, but also insects, making them omnivores. “The cost of this bird is $700”.

9. American Goldfinch Bird:

American goldfinch is a small migratory bird, it is found in North America. This bird is also known as eastern goldfish. It is looks like very beautiful and it comes in a beautiful color combination of black and yellow. This bird has conical beak and is eats the seeds that are taken from fruits. “The cost of this bird is $765”.

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8. North Cardinal:

Most attractive North Cardinal bird is found in North and South America. Color of this bird is pure red. It is belongs to the family Cardinalidae. The beak of this bird cardinal gold and is also known as Also called “cardinal grosbeak” and “cardinal bunting. It is like to eat sunflower, Sunlight seeds for which they come out from their nests. “The cost of this bird is $800”.

7. Mountain Bluebird:

It is very beautiful bird because of their color. The bird is recognized by its blue and black eyes. Mail Mountain Bluebird has light and thin, but bright wings and feature while the female Mountain Bluebird is of dull blue color. It loves to eat small insects, berries and peanuts. “The cost of this bird is $850”.

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6. Northern Oriole:

Northern Oriole bird also called as Baltimore oriole. Northern Oriole, as the name indicates this bird is found in northern areas of the world. It is a small bird that migrates from one region to another region but it is lives in northern areas only. During the breeding season, it migrates towards Maine and then returns after giving birth to their babies. The male version of this bird has very cool voice and it sings in a very impressive and lovely way.

“The cost of this Northern Oriole is $850”.

5. Scarlet Tanager:

Scarlet Tanager bird is an American bird. It is very similar to the cardinal bird. It is come as bright red color and the wings are black color and body is olive and yellowish color. “The cost of this bird is $900”.

4. Flamingo:

It is looks like very beautiful because of their pink color. It found in in the Caribbean and North America. It is known as the Wading birds, the whole world commonly known as Flamingo which means fire and it is closely related to grebes. These birds are strong swimmers and powerful fliers. It can fly with a speed of 35 miles in single hour. The cost of this bird is $1,000”.

3. Hyacinth Macaw:

Hyacinth Macaw is native to the central and eastern South America. It is considered as the largest flying parrot in the world. The beak of this parrot is very strong that can easily crush seeds even coconuts as they are very hard. This bird was very popular in the world by animated movie of called Rio. “The estimated cost of this bird is $1,200”.

World Costliest Birds

World Costliest Birds

2. Toucan:

This bird is very attractive and looking different due to its colors that are black, yellow, with white patches and size. It found in in Southern Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. Toucan bird is available in almost 40 different species in the world. The cost of this bird is expensive but it worth it because of its beauty. “The cost of this bird is $5,000”.

World Costliest Birds

World Costliest Birds

World Costliest Birds

1. Black Palm Cockatoo:

Black Palm Cockatoo bird is very tall bird that has a total height of 60cm. Due to smoky gray feather and red spots on their head increase the beauty of this bird and it has very large black beak. Black Palm is belongs to the cockatoo family native to New Guinea, Aru Islands, and Cape York Peninsula. This bird has a large and complex vocal repertoire, including many whistles and even a "hello" call that sounds surprisingly human-like. The diet of this bird is very hard to find and is difficult to breed. “The cost of this bird is very expensive almost $16,000”.

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