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Triangulam Galaxy | Milky way galaxy | Andromeda

Triangulam Galaxy

Triangulam Galaxy is near the Milky Way galaxy. Triangulam galaxy is also known as Messir33 or NGC 598. It is also referred to as Pinwheel Galaxy. Triangulam galaxy is spiral in shape. Triangulam is third largest in the local group after Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy.  The Triangulam is located 3 million light years away in the constellation Triangulum.  The diameter of Triangulam is 60,000 light years. We can see the triangulam galaxy with unaided eye in bright skies. Star birth rate in Triangulam is several times more than the Andromeda Galaxy. Triangulam and the Andromeda Galaxy are linked by streams of hydrogen gas and fixed stars. Andromeda contains billion of stars. Triangulam Galaxy orbits around the Andromeda galaxy. Triangulam is a satellite galaxy. The mass of Triangulam has estimated 10 and 40 billion times more than the sun’s mass. Triangulam appears as the second brightest galaxy in the sky. Massive black holes are present in the Triangularm.

Triangulam Galaxy:

Black Holes:

The southern arm of Triangulam has more densely populated young stars and northern spiral arm contains four vast H II regions. One supernova are present in the galaxy, supernova explodes every 147 years in the galaxy.  Large stellar mass black holes are found in Triangulam galaxy. Stellar black hole is dubbed as M33 X-7.  The Black hole mass is 15.7 times that of the sun.

Stars of Triangulam Galaxy:

Three bright stars are present in the constellation Triangulam. Stars are Gamma Trianguli, Ras al Muthallah ( Alpha Trianguli) and Deltotum (Beta Trianguli). These stars are forming a long narrow triangle, Beta and Gamma Trianguli marking at the base and Alpha Trianguli at the apex.

What is Local Group?

Local group is the galaxy group that includes Andromeda, Milky Way and Triangulam galaxies. More than 50 dwarf galaxies present in the Local group. Each galaxy has their own satellite system.

Triangulam Galaxy:

Triangulam Galaxy has the Pisces Dwarf as a satellite and triangulam might be a satellite to Andromeda.

Triangulam Galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy:

Milky Way has satellite galaxies: Large Magellanic Cloud, Canis Major Dwarf, small Magellanic cloud, Draco Dwarf, Sculptor Dwarf, Small Magellanic Cloud, Ursa Minor Dwarf, Ursa Major Dwarf, Leo I, and Leo II.

Andromeda Galaxy:

Andromeda has satellite galaxies M32, NGC 147, M110, NGC 185, And I, And II, And III, And IV, And V, Cassiopeia Dwarf, Pegasus dsph, And VIII, And IX and And X.

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