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Top 6 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

Dogs can be playful, friendly & loyal but at the same time they can prove to be dangerous depending on their temperament & upbringing. Basically any dog can be a threat to humans on the given circumstances. Below we have compiled a list of dog breeds banned in india which we feel can be extremely dangerous.

1) Pitbull terrier

APBT are amongst the most dangerous dogs & are banned in many countries. They are medium sized dogs with short hairs & are extremely intelligent. APBT's are known for their tremedous strength, confidence & zest for life. They excel in dog shows due to their high level of intelligence & eagerness to work. 

2) Rotteweilers
They are unstable family dogs especially if the owners owning them are amateur. They have bad temperament & needs to be trained  continuously in order to prevent certain situations.

3) German shepherd
GSD's are the second most popular dog in the United states & are also known as Alsatian. They are currently being used as police service dogs across the world. According to a study made, they rank 3rd in terms of intelligence which is why they are used in the police department. German shepherds are known to have a bite force of 1060 newtons.

4) American bulldog
These dogs are athletic as-well-as well balanced. American bulldogs are known for their great strength, endurance & friendliness. These dogs were originally bred to be a utility dog for working in the farm. 

5) Bullmastiff
This breed is lively, smart & energetic. They have the tendency to be very aggressive which if not cared for can turn out to be fatal. Their temperament makes them a very good guard dog. They can be trained to be obedient & reliable with consistent & firm training from a very young age.

6 ) Siberian huskies
They were bred as a working dogs & that is the reason they don't tend to socialize. But you can make them calm & friendly by using right approach & proper training. Not socializing & improper training can turn them into a dangerous & aggressive beasts.

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