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Top 10 Expensive animals in the world | World Costliest Animals

Expensive animals

Expensive animals - There are two types of animals lovers in the world. Some people prefer to see the different animals in the zoos and spend time with them. Some people in the world who love animals are crazy for them and also love to keep pets at their home. For them how much an animal is expensive doesn't matter. We all know that animals are very loyal, great companions and also make us stress free. There are many types of animals in the world that among those some of them are unique and not very known in the world. Some of the animals are very precious and are very expensive that their price itself is a recorded. Millions are spent every year to purchase of the animal. Everyone in this world cannot afford to keep them at their home, only rich people are purchased because of their high price tags. Here we listed top 10 expansive animals in the world for animal lover to get more idea to buy such kind of animals.

Top 10 Expensive animals:

  1.  The Green Monkey Horse:

The Green monkey, as name is of monkey but it is not monkey. It is actually horse. The horse is extremely rare, beautiful animal in the world and also most expansive because of its speed.  It is an American race horse known as forestry. The price of this race horse is $16,000,000.

  1. Miss Missy Cow:

Miss Missy is a cow belongs to the Holstein breed. It extremely expansive breed of cow in the world because this cow produce 50% more milk than an average cow. This cow won many titles to her name and also won many competitions like grand champions of all breeds etc. The price of this Missy is up to $1,200,000.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff Dog:

Tibetan Mastiff is world largest dogs, which are looks like lions. Mastiff dog is best pet because it does not have unpleasant smell like the one for the common dogs and also great home protector. They found in various colors like black, white, brown, red. The price of this dog is up to $582,000.

  1. Sir Lancelot Encore Dog:

Sir Lancelot Encore is the world first cloned dog. In Florida, Nina and Edgar's couples are there, they had Lancelot dog but due to cancer they lost him and then decided to clone his DNA. After spending $155, 000 and endless days, the result is Sir Lancelot Encore born and become a winner of the Bio-arts auction in San Francisco. The price of this Sir Lancelot Encore is up to $155, 000.

  1. White Lion Cubs:

These types of lions are very rare; it is believe to be less than 300 species worldwide. These lions are first found in Timbavati area. White Lions can only be seen in expensive African safaris. These are very expansive because of unique white color pigmentation and with white color eyes. The price of this lion is up to $140, 000

  1. Arabian Horse:

The Arabian horse is royal among horses that are originates in Arabian Peninsula. This is unique among others because of its perfect athletic body, different head shape, chiseled neck, high tail and a beautifully arched back. The price of this horse is up to $100,000.

  1. Lavender Albino Ball Python:

Lavender Albino Ball Pythons are a product of recessive genes. These are world most beautiful snakes because of their yellow markings and red eyes. Many people like to keep these snakes as pet. The price of this Python is up to $40,000.

Expensive animals

Expensive animals

  1. Sheepdog:

These dogs are very special. These are found in Brittan. In Brittan most people are keep these Sheepdogs as pets. Because of power and effect these dogs are looks like sheep. These dogs can cover up to 50 miles a day. The price of this dog is up to $15,000.

  1. Savannah Cat:

Savannah Cats are a hybrid between a domestic cat and the serval.  They have tall, slender, dainty bodies and are unlike the other cats. This breed cats are considered especially social and loyal compared to other breeds of cats. They are friendlier, playful and its uncanny ability to be trained to do tricks often reminds people of a dogs. The price of this cat is up to $12,000.

Expensive animals

Expensive animals

  1. De Brazza's Monkey:

These are one of old form of monkeys around. De Brazza’s monkey has an orange-colored crest on its head and a white muzzle from his nose down.  These are found in Africa. And they always travel in large groups. These monkeys have very good hiding talent; because of its hiding talent it is very difficult to find him. The price of this monkey is up to $10,000.

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