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Swedish Krona Currency | SEK | KR | Sweden Krona

Swedish Krona

Swedish Krona Currency:

Swedish Krona is the official currency of Sweden. It is also sometimes to as Swedish Crown in English because the word “Krona” means “Crown”. It has come into existence since 1873. Swedish Krona is denoted by SEK and is further subdivided into 100 equal parts called ore. In the past, the units of ore were represented in the form of coins but they were later done away with by the Swedish Government.

The central bank of Sweden is Sveriges Riksbank, or simply Riksbanken, which is one of the ancient banks known to be in continuous operation ever since its establishment in 1668 (about 350 years ago) in the 17th century A.D.

The previous older coins which were made of nickel metal were banned by the government due to the problem of skin allergy caused by the metal. Swedish Krona with denominations of one krona and 2 kronor are issued in the form of coins made of copper-plate steel and the coins with denominations 5 kronor and 10 kronor made up of Nordic gold (an alloy of aluminum and brass).

The paper currency notes presently in circulation are of the denominations 20 kronor, 50 kronor, 100 kronor, 200 kronor, 500 kronor and 1000 kronor. According to the survey of 2016, Swedish krona was ranked 9th among the most traded international currencies by value.

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Swedish Krona (Sweden)

Code: SEK

Symbol: kr


1/100 = öre

Swedish Krona


20 kr, 50 kr, 100 kr, 200 kr, 500 kr, 1000 kr


1 kr, 2 kr, 5 kr, 10 kr

Central bank:

Sveriges Riksbank

Other Currencies,

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