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Step-by-Step Guide to Study Abroad in 2022

Want to study abroad, but not sure from where to start? We know the whole process is confusing and difficult. But, if you have good guidance at your side, this process can become easy and satisfying. There are many Canada education consultants in Delhi that help students to understand step by step processes. Once you know the process, you can easily prepare for it and get admission to an overseas university to fulfil your dream. 

Here we are sharing a brief guide to study abroad: 

How much you are willing to spend?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you choose a study destination. Some study destinations are very expensive and some are a bit affordable. Tuition fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs varies as per the course, university and country you choose.

Do your research to find the tuition fee of universities you prefer, cost of living in the country you choose, other expenses, how much loan you can get, and everything that involves the money.

Which Course do You want to study?

Choose the discipline you want to study and select the universities offering that course in different countries. Don’t forget to check the curriculum of the courses in detail to make sure you learn what you desire. 

Where do you want to study?

Based on your budget and course, you can shortlist countries and universities that are offering that course in your budget. When selecting a country do consider the first language of the country, social life, cost of living, top universities offering your course. You can select 3-4 countries and then further can compare universities it has. 

Compare programs

Once you compare the universities reputation, you can compare the course it offers and its teaching methodology and course content. How much importance do these universities give you practical and research? How much is the fee? Is a hostel facility available? Will you be able to manage your part-time job with study? What is the duration of the course? Find the answer for all these questions before applying. 

English Language test and apply to universities

Clear IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, C1 Advanced courses as per the requirement of the university you are applying for. Most universities accept these tests. Once you have these certificates, you can start applying to multiple universities.

Confirm Your place and apply for a visa

Once you get an acceptance letter from the university, confirm your place and then start the process of Visa. Depending upon the country, the visa process varies and can take a different amount of time. Once you get a visa, you should start arranging your accommodation. You can take the help of study abroad consultants in Delhi to help you apply for a visa and do other arrangements.

This was a basic guide to study abroad. If you have any other queries, you can visit nearby education consultants and get detailed information about this process. Best of luck!

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