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Sri Chaitanya Schools:

Sri Chaitanya started its historic journey in the year 1986 and within a span of 25 years went on to become Asia's largest educational group schools. Dr.B.S Rao is the Founder & Chairman of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions. Sri Chaitanya Techno School (also called SCTS) was started in Eluru in June 2010 on the Santhinagar Main road. Approximately 1006 students study from K.G. to 10th class in main branch and other 570 members in 1town branch.

Contact Address:

Sri Chaitanya School

Plot No: 80, Sri Sai Plaza,

Ayyappa Society Main Road, Ayyappa Society,



Telangana - 500081

Ph No:   040-44600600

Sri Chaitanya Schools:

Pre-Primary Schools:

Sri Chitanya pre-primary education curriculum focuses on the basic foundational concepts of education like language development, knowledge and humanities, general awareness, arithmetic skills, creative arts and crafts, and music helping each child develop a polished personality at a tender age itself.

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Soft skills

Primary Schools:

Sri Chitanya primary education curriculum forms the first stage of formal schooling where children are taught the basics of literacy, numeracy and environmental studies.

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High School:

Sri Chaitanya designed a strong curriculum for high school education, integrating the components of Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry which are needed for the various Entrance Exams under the name of TECHNO CURRICULUM.


Submit the online Sri Chitanya Schools Enquiry Form from the website or visit the admissions office, at school.

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Student Life:

Personality development:

An integral personality is built on the basis of all-round grooming. Being the future citizens of a diverse country, it is essential that these children uphold our rich cultural values. Sri Chaitanya gives a platform to every child to hone and enhance their multi-faceted talents, pursuing them simultaneously with academics.

Study Programme:

Sri Chaitanya provides a stress-free learning environment. To that end, its curriculum is specifically designed to lift the burden off students’ shoulders, ensuring that learning is an interactive, engaging process.


Digital learning:

To usher in a new era of world-class education, Sri Chaitanya has adopted a technology-driven approach to studies. The schools have replaced textbooks with trendy tabs for students from class five to seven. This learning technique not only makes children adopt in the use of technology but also reduce the load of study materials to be carried every day.

Health Service:

Health is a must for a successful life. Keeping this in mind, Sri Chaitanya provides its students with a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Apart from this, the schools boast of an in-house dispensary for round-the-clock medical attention. Experienced doctors visit the schools twice a day to attend to ailing children. Light freehand exercises, sports, meditation and yoga are an essential part of our students’ everyday lives, ensuring holistic wellness.

Nature's delight:

Sri Chaitanya’s lush green campus is truly eco-friendly. Scores of trees, landscaped gardens, and ample fresh air create a tranquil atmosphere around the schools. Owing to a healthy environment, the students are active, healthy and are able to perform at their best. Activities like rock climbing, trekking and hiking are undertaken to help children be one with nature throughout their school life.

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