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Selena Parker

If you bottle beers on your own- fret not! The task of ensuring its chill is as convenient as cleaning one or two shelves in the refrigerator. However,  if you want to keg your homebrew and offer it from the tap directly, you’ll require something robust to ensure your brew is fresh and frosty. You can either own a Keezer or a kegerator. 


As the name suggests, a Keezer is a combination of a freezer and keg, while a kegerator is a blend of a refrigerator and a keg. You can ensure your beer remains cool and can be binged on in a glass or a mug. Your beer can be dispensed within a container with a single push on the leveler. Here, the role of a faucet or beer tap comes in. 


Why are beer taps said to be useful?


Although dispensing tools of beer taps such as levers, tap handles, and shafts can be composed of different materials like plastic or high-end metals, the metals like stainless steel and chrome-plated brass are the most common choices. Stainless steel can offer high durability, while brass fixtures are highly affordable. 


Although fixtures made from stainless steel are highly expensive, they can prove to be highly affordable in the long run since they’re corrosion-resistant. Brass and nickel-chrome are prone to breaking down over the years as they’re vulnerable to cleaning substances. Due to corrosion, these parts can add unpleasant flavors or funky aromas. 


An easy-to-maintain and clean beer tap can make our lives easier and more fun. Frequent cleaning can be essential to ensure you can enjoy the best quality beer. The absence of proper cleaning methods can give rise to the accumulation of beer residues and mold growth. This is something we aren’t willing to see floating across our pints. 


Additionally, the accumulation of beer residue can cause the tap’s mechanism to malfunction or get sticky. It can waste the costly beer and the hard work you’ve devoted to brewing it. Beer residues can give rise to corrosion within your equipment, so you need to have beer taps made from stainless steel components. 


A Heineken beer cooler is the best choice to ensure your wine bottles and beer cans are chilled. Or, you can pick from a premium range of back bar coolers flaunting clear doors to sell your yummy brews. If you’ve chosen a tap system along with a  keg, you can select a beer dispenser to ensure your beer is ice cool and can be served readily. 

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