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QuickBooks Error Code C=51

QuickBooks desktop is one of the popular accounting software which is being used by many companies for their accounting needs. Used all over the world, this software sometimes faces several technical errors which can be resolved by following some steps. In case of complicated errors, sometimes you may need to take assistance from experts or you can simply follow the troubleshooting procedure.

The QuickBooks Error Code C=51 is one such error that gives a warning to you stating that QuickBooks is not able to find TxList. In this article, you will learn about this error and what steps you can take to resolve this error.

QuickBooks Error code c=51 is, when you use QuickBooks, it may show a notification error code c=51. This warning message shows that QuickBooks unable to find the TxList. This occurs when you try to remove txList from the list of txLists, but unable to find it. It may also occur while removing a transaction from any report.

In such a situation, you have to close all the reports and shut down QBW if essential and try again.

When you facing this type of problem ( QuickBooks Error C=51) you need to shut down this application. Close all windows including QuickBooks and then restart it again. You have to repeat the action in which the C=51 error was received.

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