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How does QuickBooks Enterprise work?

QuickBooks Enterprise is primarily a desktop-based accounting and financing management software that handles everything from invoicing to payroll and inventory management. You can have up to 40 licensed users on one account and track up to 1 million items, customers, vendors and employees — a scale best suited for larger businesses.

Because QuickBooks Enterprise is installed locally, you do need to meet certain technical specifications. The system requires Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows 10 (sorry, Mac users) and Internet Explorer 11.

QuickBooks Enterprise pricing

The pricing below is for one user. There is an additional fee per user, up to 10 users. Beyond that, you can pay for up to 20, 30 or 40 licensed users, depending on your business needs.





$1,340 per year.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software.

  • 24/7 priority access to customer service.

  • Advanced reporting with more than 200 built-in customizable reports.

  • Online backup data storage.

  • Automatic QuickBooks product upgrades.


$1,740 per year.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver features, plus:

  • Enhanced payroll.


$2,140 per year.

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold features, plus:

  • Automated inventory and order management.

  • Advanced pricing (customizable, automated pricing rules).


$4,200 per year.

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold and Platinum features, plus:

  • Assisted Payroll with guaranteed accurate tax filing.

  • QuickBooks Time Elite.

Remote access is available as an add-on for all plans for an additional monthly fee. This allows users to access Enterprise from anywhere.

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QuickBooks Enterprise benefits

Robust suite of features

QuickBooks Enterprise doesn’t skimp on features. You can automate pricing, track order fulfillment and run payroll using just one solution. The entry-level version also has more than 200 customizable reports, so you can dig into everything from cash flow to item profitability and inventory valuation. You can also connect with more than 200 applications, expanding the capabilities of your Enterprise system.

Industry-specific setups

QuickBooks Enterprise has versions tailored to the following industries: construction, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, retail, nonprofit, professional services and accountants. Each version offers specific reports — a donor contribution summary for nonprofits, for example, or vendor return details for retail clients.

Priority customer service

All QuickBooks Enterprise accounts — Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond — include QuickBooks Priority Circle service, which unlocks a dedicated account team, on-demand training and a direct line to technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

QuickBooks Enterprise drawbacks

Expensive annual subscription

QuickBooks Enterprise is a significant investment. The base plan, QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, starts at $1,340 annually. And that’s just for one user. While QuickBooks Enterprise does bring a lot to the table in terms of features and functionality, evaluate your business needs before subscribing to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth.

Additional charge for remote access

QuickBooks Enterprise is installed locally and can’t be accessed on another device unless you purchase remote access, which starts at $199 per month for one user on the Gold plan. Remote access is an all-or-nothing endeavor — if you have multiple licensed users, you have to purchase it for each of them.

Limited to Windows users

QuickBooks Enterprise works only with certain Windows servers and on Windows 8.1 or 10. Intuit launched QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2022, but it doesn't have the same functionality as the Enterprise version.


QuickBooks Online

If QuickBooks Enterprise is out of range (in price or features), consider a scaled-down version like QuickBooks Online. The Plus version ($80 per month) lets you track inventory, evaluate job costs and create customized reports. Because QuickBooks Online is, well, online, there’s no upcharge for remote access but you are limited to five users with the Plus plan and 25 with the Advanced plan.

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