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QuickBooks Desktop provides us to use a plain white paper to print a pay stub QuickBooks Desktop uses a template or default layout with the format but then font cannot be changed. When we print pay stubs on a void paper, the company name, address and phone number will appear on the bottom and top of the page.

You have the choice to email the pay-stubs to the employees by utilizing QuickBooks Desktop. This is presented as PDF file Decrypted by the only password which ultimately helps in preserving the format as well as the layout of the pay stubs.

To print pay stubs, click on Home and enter "paycheck list" in the search bar or click on the Workers tab and then Employees. To find the pay stub in question, you can filter the list by Active Employees, Inactive Employees, or All Employees. Then, click on Paycheck List.

Select the relevant date range using the drop-down box to find the pay date you're looking for. Paychecks for the last payroll run will display automatically. Check the box next to the employees for whom you want to print pay stubs. You can also select the checkbox next to Pay Date to print all of the pay stubs from that date at once.

This article contains information about resetting the QuickBooks Admin password and other passwords you may have related to using QuickBooks Desktop. If you or any other user have encountered similar issue, and requires to recover or rebuild QuickBooks Admin password or any other password to login to QuickBooks desktop, here are some tips to follow.

When there are multiple users set up for the file the Login prompt asks for both a user name for a password: In both cases, the special Admin user name is very likely “Admin”, unless someone when to the trouble of changing it.

Final words..!
The above-mentioned steps should help you to reset your password for QuickBooks Desktop. However, If you are facing any trouble regarding resetting your password you can call our round the clock QuickBooks password recovery support team at +1-855-603-0490 . Our experts bring with them years of experience as well as innovative tools and technology and can help you fix this or any other accounting related issue in the least possible time.

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