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Pilotless Sky Taxi | Volocopter | First in Dubai

Pilotless Sky Taxi

Pilotless Sky Taxi – The ever-increasing road congestion in major cities has become a major nuisance, more so in metropolitan centers. There are many causes for traffic jam. The number of automobiles appearing on roads is increasing day by day, but not the roads in the same proportion. It brings great suffering to us. It kills our valuable time. Students cannot reach schools, colleges and people cannot reach offices, hospitals etc. Many times ambulance vans and fire brigade trucks cannot go with requisite speed due to traffic jam. However, to solve these traffic problems Dubai has taken an innovative step ahead by putting drone-taxis in air. Tech companies are now planning to develop the drone taxis for daily commutes in future and Dubai is racing to be the first to bring drone-taxi culture.

Pilotless SkyTaxi:


Pilotless SkyTaxi - In June, Dubai‘s RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) signed an agreement with a German Volocopter company (a specialist in the manufacturing of Autonomous Air Vehicles) to test a pilotless air taxis towards the end of this year.

Volocopter Is Capable Of Carrying Two Passengers; the Volocopter is environment-friendly as it is powered by electricity and it has very low noise. Its design comprises 18 rotors to ensure safe cruising and also emergency landing in case of any rotor failure, said RTA.

Pilotless Sky Taxi 

According to the promotional video, the mini robotic chopper will have the top speed of 100 km/hr., and a maximum flight time is 30 minutes with nine independent battery systems. The copter will also have a parachute for emergency situations. However, Volocopter company maintains “You will never require parachute.”

Everybody Wants To Fly In Pilotless Sky Taxi:

However, it's not only in Dubai; everyone elsewhere in the world is eagerly waiting to  fly in air-cabs. China Ehang drone currently flies for 23 minutes and Ehang carries a single passenger. Airbus, the French aircraft maker, is also working on a prototype air taxi, Vahana, saying it will begin testing at the end of 2017 and have one ready by 2020.

Pilotless Sky Taxi 

Pilotless Sky Taxi

Airbus is contemplating to carry four to five people at a time. And also Uber is determined to develop flying cars and is heading towards the Project Elevate, The project aims to facilitate urban commutation in the present times of growing traffic in major cities. Uber seeks to test its flying cars by 2020.

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