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New Taiwan Dollar

New Taiwan dollar:

New Taiwan dollar is the currency of Taiwan.  New Taiwan dollar is subdivided into 100 cents. The official code of New Taiwan dollar is TWD and the Central Bank of Taiwan is the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) since the year 2000. It was also the de facto central bank between 1949 and 1961. On 15 June 1949, the Bank of Taiwan was issued the first New Taiwan dollar to replace the Old Taiwan dollar.

The New Taiwan dollar coins in circulation include NT$1/2, NT$1, NT$5, NT$10, NT$20 and N$D 50.  The usage of the coin NT$1/2 is very less due to its ignorable value and the coin NT$20 is seldom seen in circulation since the government does not seem to evince much interest in its public usage.

The current series of banknotes for the new Taiwan dollar began circulation in July 2000. NT$100, NT$200, NT$500, NT$1000 and NT$2000 are the current banknotes.  NT$200 and NT$2000 banknotes are rarely used by consumers.

New Taiwan Dollar

New Taiwan Dollar (Taiwan):

Code: TWD

Symbol: NT$ or $


​1⁄10 = 角


1⁄100 = cent (分, fēn)

Subunits used only in stocks and currencies, and rarely referred to in such cases.


NT$100, NT$200, NT$500, NT$1000, NT$2000


NT$1, NT$5, NT$10, NT$20, NT$50

Central bank:

Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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