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Mobile Phone Affects Brain Function | Cellphone Radiation Effects

cellphone radiation effects

Cellphone radiation effects - Cellphones are useful to stay in touch with people while we are on the go but cellphones emit ultra-high frequency radio waves during calls and data transfers. Prolonged exposure to the harmful radiation by staying in its close proximity leads to brain cancer and continuous use of mobile phones without any let-up for hours does have a pernicious effect on the health of users.  Effect on human brain due to use of cellphones is very weak even you can hold a cellphone to the ear for 60 seconds. When phone is placed at the ear during dialing more radiation is produced which is detected by the user’s brain.

Cellphone Radiation Effects:

What Is Cellphone Radiation?

Cell phones works by receiving and sending signals using Radiofrequency waves. Radiofrequency waves are form non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiations are more harmful radiations, which damage the DNA cells and cause cancer. Cell phone technology uses electromagnetic radiation in the Giga hertz range. These radiations are close to microwave range. Radio waves are emitted from the mobile phone is absorbed by the human head. Cellphones increase the risk of brain tumors or other tumors in the neck area and tumors in the head.

How Cellphones Or Mobile Phones Work?

Cellphones work by sending and receiving signals to nearby cell towers using radio frequency waves. Microwaves, visible light, heat, FM radio waves and RF waves are form of non-ionizing radiation. Radiofrequency waves are stronger type radiations such as gamma rays, ultraviolent light and x-rays. These Radio Frequency radiations break the chemical bond in DNA and also heat up body tissues.

Do Cellphones Cause Any Tumors?

Cellphones usually are held near the head when being used, causing tumors, including non-cancerous tumors of the brain such as meningiomas, maglinant brain tumors such as gliomas, non-cancerous tumors of the nerve connecting the brain to the ear and non-cancerous tumors of the salivary glands.

How To Reduce Risk From Cell Phones:

  1. Use Speakerphone:

While talking on your cellphone use speakerphone or wired headset to keep the cellphone away from your body as far as possible.

  1. Avoid The Usage Of Cellphone When The Signal Is Weak:

When moving at high speed power increases to emit a maximum amount of radiation because phone attempts to connect each nearest network antenna and when the bars are low on mobile it is working hard to capture a signal from the towers it emits more radiation so keep phone charged up.

  1. Don’t Carry Your Cellphone On Your Body:

Cellphones emits radiations continuously, even you’re not using. So, don’t keep mobiles in your pocket.

  1. Use Landline For Most Conversations:

Use landlines for more conversation. Landlines do not emit radiations and do not expose you to radiation.

cellphone radiation effects

  1. Minimize The Usage:

Talk less on your phone and use texting. Texting helps to minimize the radiations.

  1. Keep Your Cellphone Far Away While Sleeping:

While sleeping keep the phone in flight mode, which will stop the electromagnetic field emissions.

cellphone radiation effects

  1. Don’t Use Mobiles While You Drive:

Cellphones contact with towers over and over again increasing its frequency and expose you to radiation while driving. So don’t use, talk and text on cellphones while you drive.

  1. Children Shouldn’t Use Cellphones:

Children skulls are thinner than that of adults. Radiation from cellphones penetrates more deeply into their brains and cause more damage.

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