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Israeli New Shekel

Israeli new shekel:

Israeli new shekel is the official currency of Israel and is issued by the Bank of Israel. In the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip it is also used as a legal tender. Since 1 January 1986, Israeli new shekel was used and it was replaced by the Israeli old shekel at a ratio of 1000:1. The new shekel is divided into 100 agora. Before the introduction of Shekel, the Israeli pound was currency of the State of Israel from June 1952 until 23 February 1980 and it was replaced with the Israel old shekel on 24 February 1980.

Coins were introduced in 1985, in the denominations of 1 agora, 5 and 10 agorot and ₪½ and ₪1. ₪5, ₪10 coins were introduced in 1990, 1995 respectively.  On 1 April 1991, 1 agora coins were removed from circulation. A ₪2 coin was introduced on 9 December 2007 and in 2006, the 5 agora coin last minted was removed from circulation on 1 January 2008. On 4 September 1985, bank notes were introduced for ₪5, ₪10, and ₪50 and on 8 May 1986, ₪1 notes were introduced and on 2 April 1988, ₪20 notes were introduced. ₪100, ₪200 notes were issued in 1986, 1991 respectively. Later the notes ₪1, ₪5 and ₪10 were replaced by coins.

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Israeli New Shekel

Israeli New Shekel (Palestine) Currency:

Code: ILS



​1⁄100 = agora


₪20, ₪50, ₪100, ₪200


10 agorot, ₪½, ₪1, ₪2, ₪5, ₪10

Central bank:

Bank of Israel



Palestinian Authority

Most traded currencies:

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