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How to backup QuickBooks online?( +1.844.397.7462)

How do I backup QuickBooks?

QuickBooks does not provide a single backup solution for both online and desktop software. So, first, make sure that you know which QuickBooks product or plan you have. 

Backup QuickBooks online

QuickBooks Online plans, except for Advanced, do not provide data backup from the user perspective. This means you won’t have a QuickBooks backup for audit purposes and also won’t be able to roll back to an old copy if needed. To get the job done, you will have to opt for third-party solutions.

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the only plan that provides QuickBooks cloud backup and restore capability. Moreover, you can set up automatic data backup, or restore to a specific time and date. The tricky part is that QuickBooks Online Advanced is only available for the US region.

Backup QuickBooks desktop 

If you’re a happy user of a QuickBooks Desktop product, you can create a backup company file (for example, .qbb or .dmg), schedule automatic backups, and even save your backup copy either locally or online. No additional software is required.

Now, let’s check out the steps to make a backup of your QuickBooks data. 

QuickBooks online backup 

Although there is no native backup feature for QuickBooks Online plans other than Advanced, there is a method that you may benefit from – data export. This will let you create a backup spreadsheet in Google Sheets or Excel, or even upload your data to a data warehouse. Here are the options you should consider.

QuickBooks Cloud backup via manual data export

You can export data from QuickBooks natively if you go to Settings => Export data.

QuickBooks Export Data

Read more about how to export QuickBooks data.

You can select the Reports and Lists to be included in an archive file that will be downloaded to your device. The archive file will contain Excel files for each data entity selected for export. 

The flaws of this method include:

  • Data is exported manually, without any automatic scheduling
  • Limited data entities are available for export
  • Only export from QuickBooks to Excel is available

Let’s now have a look at a solution that is free of all these flaws.

How to backup QuickBooks Online data to Google Sheets, Excel or BigQuery  

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