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Frozen Waterfalls on Chinese Tianmen Mountain | Best Tourist Attraction

Tianmen mountain

The crowning glory of China “Tianmen Mountain” is a towering beauty of the country because of its sheer unique feature of natural structure. It is a well-known fact that people from all over the world throng together to satisfy the desire of viewing the nature in its veritable special mode. Due to the drastic decrease in climatic temperature, more than 20 frozen waterfalls have formed in Tianmen mountain as the heavy snow swept the major parts of north east China.

What Is So Special About Tianmen Mountain?

In order to savvy the significance of the mountain, it is necessary to get a basic idea of the locale. Tianmen mountain stands out as a special natural structure in central China’s Hunan province. The uniqueness of the mountain lies in the steepest acclivities and the panoramic views one can get to see while treading on the narrow walkways that adhere cheek to jowl to the vertically rocky walls along the most of their course. When visitors saunter carefully on the narrow sideways there lies to a side a continuous fence-like banister over which they can behold the stunningly open-view of unfathomable valleys and stony precipices of inestimable heights.

Tianmen mountain

As if this is not amusing enough, tourists are greeted with one more attraction of a transparent hard glass sky-walk where they can see the breathtaking bottom view of the valley right below their feet, from a height of 1.4 kilometers. The enjoyment of admiring the nature begins even before reaching the hill; the ride on an aerial tramway to reach the mountain takes about thirty minutes for over 7 kilometers which is the longest in the world.

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Tianmen Mountain

The scenic view observed during the cable car ride is absolutely fantastic. The visual treat is thrillingly pleasant, with a small shade of terror for people of acrophobia.

Tianmen mountain

Visitors also get to see Tianmen cave which is a 30 metre-wide rocky entrance (eroded by water currents) between two extremely tall peaks. Before reaching Tianmen cave one should traverse through 99 famous half-pin curves on the road. At the end of hanging bridge, there waits an open chairlift which can accommodate two people at a time. The chairlift takes viewers to the summit of the mountain where lies a tower. From apex of the tower, spectators would get to see a bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains and verdant green hill tops and viewers can not help getting the feel of being on top of the world.  

Tianmen mountain

When the Tianmen mountain of exclusive significance has undergone extreme vagaries of nature, the bone-biting cold weather has rendered the waterfalls as thick immobile hard ice mass of frozen serpentine sheaths, shining brilliantly in pristine pure white colour. The location has also become another suitable place for mountaineers who trek the acclivities with big sickles and very tough rope hawsers. The white dense covering with sleets of ice on the mountain has given the place a different look altogether. The veritable site should be seen to be believed completely.

Tianmen mountain

Images: Google map, BBC

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