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Countries and their National sports

Countries national sports

Countries National sports - Sports are very important for keeping body and mind healthy and fit. Sports give us energy and strength. And they also help in character building.  Sports inherently make us learn how to tackle difficult situations. Sports entail maintenance of sound mental and physical state. Sports are also entertaining both for players and viewers. Sports are very popular all around the world, though the popularity of sports can vary from region to region.

Countries National Sports:

Every country has its own national sport that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. In some countries national sports is not certainly the most popular, but they are sports or pastimes that are important historically or culturally significant to the country. Some national sports are not established by law but they are popularly accepted as national sports and some other national sports are established by law of country. Below we have listed the countries and their national sports that are either officially or generally accepted as national sport.

National sport Established by law of country:

Country - National sport

  1. Argentina- Pato
  2. Bahamas- Cricket          
  3. Bangladesh- Kabaddi   
  4. Brazil- Capoeira
  5. Canada- Lacrosse (summer), Ice hockey (winter)    
  6. Chile- Chilean Rodeo    
  7. Colombia- Tejo 
  8. Iran-Varzesh-e Bastani, Wrestling, Polo        
  9. Mexico- Charreria        
  10. Nepal-Volleyball           
  11. Philippines- Arnis         
  12. Puerto Rico- Paso Fino
  13. Sri Lanka- Volleyball    
  14. Uruguay- Destrezas Criollas

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National sport not Established by law of country:

  1. Afghanistan- Buzkashi
  2. Anguilla- Yacht racing
  3. Antigua and Barbuda- Cricket
  4. Barbados- Cricket
  5. Bermuda- Cricket
  6. Bhutan- Archery
  7. Cuba- Baseball
  8. Denmark- Association football, Handball
  9. Dominican Republic- Baseball
  10. England- Association football
  11. Estonia- Basketball
  12. Finland- Pesapallo
  13. Georgia- Rugby union
  14. Grenada- Cricket
  15. Guyana- Cricket or Water polo
  16. Iceland- Handball
  17. India- Field hockey
  18. Indonesia -Pencak Silat
  19. Israel- Association football
  20. Ireland- Gaelic games
  21. Jamaica- Cricket
  22. Japan- Sumo

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Countries national sports

  1. South Korea- Taekwondo
  2. Latvia- Basketball (summer), Ice hockey (winter)
  3. Lithuania- Basketball
  4. Madagascar- Rugby union
  5. Malaysia- Sepak takraw
  6. Mauritius- Association football
  7. Mongolia- Archery, Mongolian wrestling, Horse racing
  8. New Zealand- Rugby union
  9. Norway- Cross-country skiing (winter)
  10. Pakistan- Field hockey
  11. Papua New Guinea- Rugby league
  12. Peru- Paleta Fronton
  13. Romania- Oina
  14. Russia    Bandy
  15. Scotland-Golf
  16. Sikkim- Paragliding
  17. Slovenia- Alpine skiing
  18. Tajikistan- Gushtigiri
  19. Turkey- Oil wrestling & Cirit
  20. Turks and Caicos Islands- Cricket
  21. United States- Baseball
  22. Venezuela- Baseball
  23. Wales- Rugby union

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