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Chloe Lopez

While international relations have been prioritized for a long time for all those who want to pursue a career in politics or law, not all know why it is essential.

If you're interested in knowing more about politics, then many university programs offer dual degree programs where you can opt for international relations as your second degree.

Here are two critical lessons a double degree International Relations can help you gain

You’ll gain skills

Most international relations and diplomacy programs aim to train students for professions that require cross-cultural communication. Students who graduate from an international relations school often develop and strengthen the following abilities in addition to receiving specialized knowledge in intercultural theory and approaches:

  • To help evaluate complicated challenges and integrate facts to tell captivating tales, you'll need research and analytical skills.
  • To communicate effectively across channels and mediums, you'll need communication skills from writing to the vocal conversation.
  • Interpersonal abilities aid in developing connections and goodwill among stakeholders, which is particularly crucial while working in a multicultural or cross-cultural environment.

Earning an advanced degree can help you prepare for various job choices, as these skills are in high demand regardless of the job route you choose or the industry you end up working in.

It's more than politics

While a degree in international relations and diplomacy prepares people for a political career, it does not limit your employment prospects.

International relations students work in various fields, including international business, military intelligence and analysis, national security, activism, and more.

Many students do go on to become diplomats who work on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Concerns about the environment
  • Changes in the climate
  • Dispute resolution
  • Technology is a powerful tool.
  • Science is a branch of knowledge that is
  • Human trafficking is a severe problem.
  • Health on a global scale
  • Cultural property preservation

Doing a double degree in International Relations helps to keep your options open. If you decide to change your career path or like two subjects, or are passionate about two things but can't keep your mind on anyone, then a dual degree is the right choice for you.

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