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Bhutanese Ngultrum

Bhutanese ngultrum Currency:

Bhutanese ngultrum is the official currency of Bhutan and it is divided into 100 chhertum. Ngultrum banknotes and coins are issued by The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Ngultrum was introduced as the official currency of Bhutan in 1974. The symbol for this is Nu.

First bank notes were issued by Ministry of Finance in in 1974 denominated Nu.1, Nu.5, Nu,10 and Nu.100. Later in 1982, the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan was established as the central bank of Bhutan.  After one year in 1983, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan took over authority of to issue the bank notes replacing the authority of the Ministry of Finance. The present series of bank notes was issued by Royal Monetary Authority in 2006 in the denominations of 1,5,10, 20, 50,100, 500, 1000 Nu.

In 1974, coins were introduced in the denominations of Ch.5, Ch.10, Ch.20, Ch.25, Nu.1. A new series of coins were introduced in 1979 in the denominations of Ch.5, Ch.10, Ch.25, Ch.50, Nu.1 and Nu.3. Currently coins are available in denominations of Ch.20, Ch.25, Ch.50 and Nu.1: The frequently used coins are Ch.20, Ch.25, Ch.50, Nu.1 and the coins of Ch.5, Ch.10 are rarely used.

Bhutanese Ngultrum

Bhutanese Ngultrum (Bhutan):

Code: BTN

Symbol:  Nu.

Chhertum Ch.


1/100= chhertum


Nu.1, Nu.5, Nu.10, Nu.20, Nu.50, Nu.100, Nu.500, Nu.1000


Ch.20, Ch.25, Ch.50, Nu.1,Ch.5, Ch.10

Monetary authority:

Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

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