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Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi.


Digital Marketing is the present and future of businesses operating worldwide. It certainly has become a necessity like air is for humans. Traditional marketing has taken a back seat as the world is striving for digital solutions for everything. 

Hiring a digital marketing firm for your business is very easy. There are enormous Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR that can meet your digital marketing needs. 

You need to analyze your business goals, comprehend them in detail, figure out your marketing budget, and evaluate which company can precisely suit your marketing budget and business needs. 

Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi:

As I mentioned earlier, there are many companies operating in the Delhi NCR Region. One of the legit digital marketing company in Delhi is ‘Techdost Services Pvt Ltd’. They are genuine and trustworthy people. Apart from digital marketing, they furnish website designing and Mobile App Development services as well. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

In simple words, Digital Marketing is the process of marketing a product or service through the use of the internet. 

Need for Digital Marketing: 

The world has seen blissful changes with the time-to-time advancement in technology. Marketing is one of those domains that has been greatly influenced by digital expansion. 

Digital Marketing is immensely flexible because it offers detailed targeting capabilities to reach out to your desired audience. 

It doesn’t matter whether your business serves people online or offline, Digital Marketing is the need of the hour for any business presently.

Types of Digital Marketing: 

It is divided into several critical modules. Each has its own significant characteristics and advantages. Let’s understand them: 

  • SEO: 

It stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is the process of ranking a website for the relevant keywords in the organic listing of the google search results. It aims at improving the website authority and organic traffic of the website. SEO is time-intensive but extremely powerful. It is further divided into sub-parts. These are: 

A. On-Page Optimization: It comprises the following modules:

  1. High-Quality Page Content

  2. Page Titles

  3. Headers

  4. Meta Descriptions

  5. Image Alt-text

  6. Structured Markup

  7. Page URLs

  8. Internal Linking

  9. Mobile Responsiveness

  10. Site Speed

B. Off-Page Optimization: The sole of this process is to create backlinks from high-authority websites. There are several measures by which you can create backlinks. Some of them are:

  1. Article Submission

  2. Web 2. O

  3. Directory Submission

  4. Classified

  5. Blog Commenting

  6. Image Submission

  7. Posting on Q/A Sites

  8. Guest Blogging

  9. Manual Outreach

  10. Resource & Broken Link Building Strategy

C. Technical SEO: It primarily deals with the speed and performance of the website.

  1. Plan your website structure

  2. Make sure your website is not blocked by the robots.txt file.

  3. Make sure the website is crawlable & indexable.

  4. Use HTTPS to provide security and authenticity.

  5. Fix broken pages.

  6. Compress the images to improve the loading speed.

  7. Minify the HTML, CSS, & JavaScript files.

  8. Make sure the website is mobile-friendly.

  9. Make sure the website is responsive.

  10. Check for data duplication.

  • PPC: 

It stands for ‘Pay Per Click’. Unlike SEO, it is strictly paid. PPC involves detailed targeting or personalized ads for the purpose of brand awareness, generating leads, or maximizing conversions. 

PPC involves:

  1. Google & YouTube Ads

  2. Facebook Ads

  3. Instagram Ads

  4. LinkedIn Ads

  5. Twitter Ads

  • Social Media Marketing: 

It is referred to as SMO or SMM. Social Media Marketing is the process of creating compelling and captivating content to engage the end user. Moreover, It plays a key role in creating brand awareness for a business. 

These 3 are immensely popular and widely accepted modules of Digital Marketing. It encompasses a few other useful modules as well that are Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Analytics. 

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