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5 Ultimate Mining Safety Tips For Workers in Brisbane

People need to be aware of Health & safety hazards that are present at every workplace. The mining industry has more dangerous hazards than any others, which is why each & every company should take the necessary actions.

A company can improve their work environment by providing them required safety gear and encouraging them to enroll in a mining program such as standard 11 for their safety.

Without further adieu, let's discuss the top five safety tips for workers in the mining industry:

#1 Protecting respiratory system

Don't forget to take care of your lungs when you are working near mines. There were cases where worker's lungs were turning black due to dust & debris. Keep your lungs healthy by wearing a proper respiratory protection tool or use a face mask capable enough to keep the dust out of your lungs. In certain areas, you might need to wear advanced protective gear. 

#2 Communicating hazards

People should be aware of the hazard in the area they are working. The company should try to improve its hazard communication process so that everyone is aware of any potential danger—visual hazard communication like hazard signs & making use of safety labels. The main goal here is to make each & every worker aware of any potential danger because the mineshaft can have an atmosphere & chemicals which are dangerous. Make sure that you are following Federal & local rules and regulations.

#3 Workplace awareness changes

Mine in which people are working will constantly keep on changing, unlike any other workplaces. For example, workers might need to change the tunnels, or there can be a shift in the structural integrity, so it is crucial for everybody to be aware of the changes, which becomes essential when a significant change is being made. Have an industrial printer to update signs, labels. We can also take the help of verbal communication, which can help maximize the health & safety of the people working in a particular physical layout.

#4) Safety from explosives

Explosives are pretty common in the mining industry & can become common up to an extent where workers are tempted to take safety shortcuts as they think they have the skills, knowledge & experience to perform this activity safely. Every company should assign a safety policy on how to handle, store & use any safety explosives. A situation should not arise where workers decide to break the safety regulations because even a tiny mistake can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

#5) Protecting from fall

When the matter is about mining health & safety, people don't consider the risk of falling as mining takes place on or under the ground. The truth is workers have the risk of falling basically in any environment, so there must be a proper plan for them. Different fall hazards depend upon the type of mine, which includes falling from a mine shaft or slipping down from a hill or mountain. If you know that fall is a possibility at your workplace, always have proper safety types of equipment with you.

#6) Electrical safety

Different types of electrical appliances are used regularly in most mining environments. The issue here is that these appliances might need to be moved to different locations, which means that electrical cords will be lying down on many mine areas, resulting in electrocution, risk of tripping or falling. To deal with this, always have safety policies regarding the usage of electrical chords so that the workers are aware of them & can necessary safety precautions. 


We can use various methods to improve mine site safety. The 10 points mentioned above can be a great place to start, but you have to keep looking for new ways to keep your workers safe while working on a job site. Accidents at the mine site can be decreased with some efforts & participation of the management.

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