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10 Inventions That Change the World | Top 10 Inventions

Top 10 Inventions

Top 10 Inventions - Inventions change the world and improve the lives of peoples. Some of the important inventions are airplane, wheel, fire, electric bulb, computer, automobile, printing press, radio, transistor, telephone, television and internet.  Aeroplane, automobiles and steam engines changed the world phenomenally. Before invention of aeroplane and steam engines a man had to travel laboriously for weeks or months. Now he can travel easily from one place to other place in a much shorter time. Telephones and wireless made it possible to speak and send messages to any part of the world quickly. Radio, transistor and television help people to keep themselves informed of developments around the world and they became tools of entertainment. The various inventions and discoveries have greatly added to the comforts of human life.

Top 10 Inventions:

  1. Wheel:

The wheel was invented by the ancient Sumerians. Sumerians lived on the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers in the Middle East. This land is a part of the present day Iraq. Wheel serves a crucial purpose in our lives. Without wheels the current human life is unimaginable. Wheels came to be very useful to transport goods from one place to another and easier for all us to travel. The first wheel was discovered around 3,000 years ago, weavers and potters were the first ones to use wheels. The size of wheels has subsequently been modified to suit various requirements of man.

  1. Fire:

Top 10 Inventions - Fire played an important role throughout all of human history. Fire was discovered about 1.9 million years ago. From the past to present fire has been in cooking, rituals, cremation, signaling and various industrial processes. Without fire it is impossible to conceive the thought of cooking. Chemical reaction of fuel and oxygen source is called as fire. Fire was started to be used for the benefit of humans million years ago. Fire is a natural reaction that didn’t need to be invented. Matches and lighters didn't exist millions of years ago when flintstones were used to ignite fire by physical friction. Now we create fire by artificial means by way matches, lighters, welding equipment etc.

  1. Electric Bulb:

Thomas Elva Edison was invented bulb in 1879. Thomas tested more than 3000 designs from 1878 to 1880. In 1879, Edison made an electric lamp with carbon filament. A scientist named Volta made a light to glow with copper wire and it was one of the earliest methods in creation of cadescent lighting. In 1910 Edison found the tungsten filament, which has the highest melting point suitable for electric bulbs compared to any other chemical element.

  1. Automobile:

The first automobile was invented by a German scientist named Karl Benz in the year 1885. In 1885, Benz developed both petrol and gasoline powered automobile. This is the first production vehicle developed by Benz and after that  several identical models were made from it. In 20th century, steam powered road vehicles were developed into automobiles that run by liquid fuels like cars, vans, buses, trucks etc.  Electric automobiles were also developed in the early of 20th century, when electricity was among the preferred modes of automobiles.

Top 10 Inventions

Top 10 Inventions

  1. Printing Press:

Printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440, based on existing screw presses. The printing press helped information travel throughout the globe. Gutenberg press created 200 million books and 20 million copies. Printing press cut the cost of books and made information available to a much larger segment of the population who were eager for information of any kind.

  1. Television:

Television was invented by John Loge Baird in 1920. Many people worked hard to create this exquisite instrument of entertainment. Baird was the first person to invent video recording mechanism, audio recording mechanism and output signals of TV camera. In 1924, 1925 and 1926 Baird transmitted first ever televised images of human faces, moving objects and real time moving entities. Television now became one of the most important sources of entertainment for a lot of us. Now television sets come with latest technologies.

Top 10 Inventions

Top 10 inventions

  1. Computer:

The extent of use of computers has become so limitless that  with computer technology we  can manage and control flight of aeroplanes and  we can  put space crafts into orbit. Computer was invented by Charles Babbage. In 1822 Charles Babbage began developing the difference engine considered to be the first automatic computing machine. Babbage proposed the first general mechanical computer designed with Analytical Engine.  Analytical Engine contained Arithmetic Logic Unit, punch cards and flow control and integrated memory. This computer was a first general purpose computer concept. Later, many technologies are used by developing the computer. Nowadays we use laptops, tabs of different models and sizes.

  1. Telephone:

Telephone was invented by Graham Bell. Telephone changed the world of oral communication. Telephone has been very useful to communicate throughout the world. Telephone was invented in 1876. Graham Bell  spoke on the very first call to his assistant on March 19, 1876. Telephone is a refined version of the Telegraph. Telephones were developed with new technologies, and the later versions of telephones  came up wireless technology. Modern telephones are used for sending and receiving text messages, receiving & sending mails, recording audio and video and playing songs. Telephone play a very important role in the modern marketing world.

  1. Aeroplane:

Wright brothers invented first plane in 1903  known as the first controlled powered, sustained, heavier than aircraft flight. Airplane changed the meaning of journeys. One had to spend months for travelling from one part to another. Now we can easily travel long distances very fast within a matter of hours across the globe.

  1. Internet:

Internet is a very new invention that is still changing the world. Internet is a network of computers linked together across the world. We can access information anywhere at any time, communicate with people living far away from us; internet is useful for research, education, communications, data store, financial transactions and more.

Top 10 Inventions

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