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Taiwan Country Information

Taiwan does not enjoy the complete status of a separate nation recognized by international community despite the existence of separate government of its own. Taiwan had its former Portuguese name Formosa and is at present officially known as Republic of China. There are two types of government in contrast with each other existing in China and Taiwan. The communist government in China is called PRC (People’s Republic of China) and the democratic government in Taiwan is known as Republic of China.

Taiwan is an island region lying to the south east of China. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. Just as in China, Mandarin is the official language in Taiwan too. But most people like to chinwag in Taiwanese or Hakka. Along with the other two autonomous parts like Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan still uses the traditional characters of Chinese language unlike other countries with considerable Chinese population where simplified Chinese characters are preferred.

The population of Taiwan was estimated as more than 23 million. Given the total land area of 36,193 square kilometers (slightly bigger than Belgium), Taiwan has a pretty high density of population 635 people per square kilometer. The economy of Taiwan is largely dependent on exports, in spite of its statehood not being recognized by numerous countries from international community and several members of the United Nations. The top items of exports from Taiwan are refined petroleum, flat-rolled stainless steel, coated flat-rolled iron, silver and copper foil. Taiwan mainly imports crude petroleum, refined petroleum, coal briquettes, soya beans and Corn. Since the gross value of exports exceeds that of imports, Taiwan trades in surplus. Taiwan exported in 2017 the merchandise worth US $344.6 billion and imported costing US$ 272.6 billion.

Another epithet Taiwan is known by is “Butterfly Kingdom” on account of numerous butterflies exported from the island every year. Foreign tourists find it interesting to hear modern peppy music whenever trucks for collecting garbage arrive and alert people in their respective localities.

Pedalling the bicycles is the most common feature seen everywhere in Taiwan, more particularly in the capital city Taipei. The government takes special interest in maintenance and creation of cycling paths in a measure to encourage use of bicycles and reduce emission of pollutant exhaust gases.

Keeping pace with modern times, the city government of Taipei ensures that internet connection through Wi-Fi is available at public places like shopping malls, hospitals and civil archives. Efforts are on to increase Wi-Fi availability at more number of public places like public transport.

During summer, almost every afternoon has thunder showers in Taiwan. Locals shun getting wet in the rain for the fear that their skin may be damaged due to the suspected acidic content in precipitation.

The omnipresent kiosk “7-eleven” fills the entire city and even non-urban places in Taiwan. Since the availability of internet services is yet to pick up, the 7-eleven stalls are the all-in-one service centers. Ranging from paying utility bills, buying bus passes, sending fax messages, booking a cab, printing photos and documents, sending parcels by couriers the services offered by the Japanese 7-eleven stores are eclectic.

Taiwan is known for its hardest working people who toil for ten hours per day on average. Heavy emphasis is also laid on kids to cram over intensely in academics which finally mean in extraordinary burden on school children. Taiwan has achieved literacy rate of 98.5%, including all ages of people. Female working class makes for more than 50% of the total workforce. Analysts observe that excessive squeeze of work output is depriving the personal freedom of working class who are left with pitiably little time to relax and enjoy life which is the very purpose of earning.

Buddhism and Taoism are the two main religions in Taiwan. The average life expectancy is 80.2 years as per the statistics of 2017. As a tourist, you can get to watch highly disciplined hard-working people, adults overloaded with duty and kids always laden with the burden of achieving highest score in academics.

Taiwan is a comprehensive mélange of enterprises and individuals, including government servants, farmers, petty business units and craftsmen.