Country - Somalia


Somalia Country Information

Somalia is a country in the shape of numeral “7” swathing the Horn of Africa. The official name of Somali is Federal Republic of Somalia which has an uninterrupted coastline with the Gulf of Aden in the north and Indian Ocean in the east. The coastline of Somalia is found to be the longest in the African continent. The frontiers of Somalia are bounded by Kenya in the southwest, Ethiopia in the west and Djibouti in the northwest. Mogadishu is the coastal capital and the largest city of Somalia.

The main religion is Sunni-dominated Islam and the official languages are Somali and Arabic. As per the estimates of 2017, the total population of Somalia was 11,031,386 and the average density of population of 19 people per square kilometer. The economy of Somalia has been rated by the United Nations as least developed.  The extent of the total exports was US $819 million dominated by the total value of imports of US $3.482 billion. Lack of statistical data in recent years has rendered difficult the estimation of economic status of Somalia. The gross external debt was calculated at US $2.942 billion as of 2010. Prolonged civil war for two decades, prevalence of anarchy and absence of coherent state rule were attributed as the main reasons for economy to spin out of control.

In spite of its economy being in doldrums, Somalia strives to levitate the tourism industry with great effort. The capital city of Mogadishu has the dilapidated remains of grand fortifications that once protected the city. The seashore of Mogadishu along the Indian Ocean still bears a good look and the sea water is home to lengthy stretches of coral reefs.  Kismayo National Park is the dwelling place for elephants, zebras, giraffes and even the rare species of hartebeest. Hargeisa National Park is another site of habitat for wild animals less frequented by tourists.

Laas Geel cave paintings in Somaliland have the sketch art on the inner walls and the palate of the roofs. The faded sketch work done in brick-red colour begins to show up on a careful and fixed gaze the interiors. While some depict the humanoid forms, some are in the shape of wild animals. Although the caves were proposed to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, some stipulated requirements of UNESCO are yet to be met by the Government including protecting the site and maintenance.

For those who are interested in studying the ancient ruins of pre-historic kingdoms, Somalia is a suitable place for sating their curiosity.