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Uruguay Country Information

Uruguay is regarded as the most peaceful nation in the entire continent of South America. With its people-friendly policies of Government, Uruguay has earned the reputation of the most socially developed nation with remarkable absence of terrorism. The United Nations has recognized it as one of the wealthy nations, third-best country of the continent in terms of HDI and GDP growth and second-highest going by the parameters of economic freedom, income equality, per-capita income and FDI reserves. The liberalized policies of the government had legalized abortions, same-sex marriages, production/sale/consumption of cannabis making the country replete with financial freedom at macro level and personal liberty is noticed everywhere.

The country’s economic freedom and prosperity had not been in existence from the olden times. Uruguay too had suffered several violent political upheavals between 15th century and the late 20th century. There were repetitive bouts of dictatorship and military interferences. The major events for capturing sovereignty lasted seventeen years from 1811 and 1828 when the countries like Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Argentina fought among themselves for seizing political power. The present-day Uruguay stands as a democratic constitutional republic with its President vested with powers as head of state as well as head of the government.

Having emerged from the recurring spells of dictatorship and battles between foreign countries vying for sovereignty, Uruguay is successfully making rapid progress economically. Its western border is shared by Argentina and its northeastern border is common with Brazil. Its south east border forms a lengthy coastline of Atlantic ocean, embellished with several recreative beaches.

Montevideo is the capital and the largest city of Uruguay and Spanish is the official language like in many other South American countries. Montevideo is the centre of recreation and relaxing in many ways. The city is dotted with casinos, wayside bistros/restaurants, theatrical performances, panoramic beaches, museums and boutiques selling hand-woven woolen apparels. Uruguay is more often unfairly is lost sight of by international tourists, brushing aside as ignorably unimportant destination. Most of visitors who have toured the country argue that the country deserves greater attention. It is worth knowing that besides the capital city of Montevideo, there are places no less inferior to sate the curiosity of genuine travellers. Colonia del sacramento is the special place in southwest Uruguay exhibiting profusely Portuguese culture of yore.


It has been included as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The sea shore at Punta del Este, the conventional quasi-landmark of Uruguay that predominantly displays giant-sized hand fingers sprouting up from the sand, is located from 130 kilometres from Montevideo. The village  Punta del Diablo is a surfers’ paradise that comes in handy with effortless fishing. Jose Ignacio has been recently shooting to international fame as one of the best eateries of sea food. Chaja, the Uruguayan sponge cake, is bought and eaten avariciously by local residents as well as visitors. Tango dance is an activity which tempts couples and newly-weds to participate with ebullience and unsuppressable zeal. During the Annual Carnival, Candombe is the folk street dance that keeps the eyes of audience constantly glued on the gorgeous artistes during the parade every February.

On account of its geographical small size, Uruguay appears on international scene as a modest nation with hidden admirable potential to achieve high levels of prosperity. Uruguay was titled as “the Country of the Year” in 2013 by The Economist. It is one of the founding members of the United Nations, Union of South American Nations, Organisation of American States, Non-Aligned Movement and MERCOSUR. Uruguay takes pride in being listed among the least-corruptive nations in the continent. The country has already been included by international analysts as a wealthy nation and as a successful democratic republic it is making giant strides to flourish even further.