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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom or UK or Britain, is located just west of the mainland of Europe. It is made up of four separate countries such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Northern Island is a separate island nation but it is also part of the UK. Around 65 million people live in the UK. UK has the 5th largest economy in the world. It has many popular cities. London is the capital city of England and it is also considered as global city. It is the biggest city in UK. In Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow are large cities. Cardiff and Swansea are in Wales and Belfast is in Northern Ireland. During the 1700s and 1800s, Britain was a world power. Large areas of Africa, Asia, North America and Oceania were controlled as former colonial empires of Britain. In the 20th century many of countries were left and became independent from colonial empires. However, UK keeps links with most countries of its former empire. It is a member of the European Union, United Nations, the Commonwealth, NATO and the G8.

The native languages in UK are English, Scots, Ulster Scots Welsh, Cornish, Irish Gaelic, and Scottish Gaelic. Other Foreign languages are Polish, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Cantonese, Greek, and Southwestern Caribbean Creole English. According to the British Social Attitudes survey conducted in 2016 on religious affiliation, 53% of respondents indicated 'no religion', while 41% indicated they were Christians and 6% affiliated with other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have separate, but similar systems of education. Approximately 38% of UK population has an undergraduate college or university degree, which is the highest percentage in Europe.  UK has world famous oldest universities namely University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, and London universities (University College London, the London School of Economics, King's College London and Imperial College London).

United Kingdom

Science and technology play an important role in United Kingdom. Since 17th century UK has been producing many important scientists, engineers. Major theorists include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, James Clerk Maxwell, Stephen Hawking, Alexander Fleming, Alexander Graham Bell, Alan Turing, Tim Berners-Le, Henry Cavendish, and Frank Whittle. Coming to the Literature, eight people from the United Kingdom have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Some of the most famous writes include William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, H.G. Wells, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Aldous Huxley. United Kingdom has had overall 127 Nobel Prize winners in the area of literature, medicine, physics, peace, chemistry, economics.

The UK is the one of the most visited countries in the world because of its sightseeing destinations, theme parks, national museums, world best heritage locations. Some of the most famous tourist sites are Big Ben Bell, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Somerset House, Chester Zoo, Roman Baths and Pump Room, the Giant's Causeway, The Royal Shakespeare Theatre & Swan Theatre, Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.