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Ukraine is the largest country in the Eastern Europe and the second largest country, after Russia, in the European continent. Since the collapse of USSR in 1991, Ukraine gained independence and began to adopt self-governance, showing signs of its lopsidedness towards the culture of Western Europe. Poland, a neighbouring nation sharing its borders with Ukraine has considerable influence on patriotic sentiments of Ukrainians.

Ukraine stands cheek by jowl with Moldova and Romania in the southwest, Russia in the east and northeast, Belarus in the northwest, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland in the west. Ukraine has coastline with Black sea and Sea of Azov in the south and in the south west respectively.

In spite of being alienated from Russian government, Ukraine still finds itself in territorial dispute with Russia which has re-annexed the peninsula of Crimea in 2014. Nevertheless, Ukraine continues to attract twelve million tourists a year on account of its many distinct cultural and geographical features. This country is regarded as the musical soul site of the erstwhile Russian empire. This is where many musicians and singers had flourished well as virtuosi of international reputation.

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“Tunnel of Love” is the greatest attraction for visitors as the location is predominantly embellished with arches of thick bright green boscage with a railway track in the middle, beckoning love-couples to take a pleasant leisurely saunter.


Rakhiv, a city in Ukraine, located in the province of Zakarpattia Oblast grabs the curiosity of geologists being the midpoint of European continent. Carpathain Mountains are the much-desired destination for adventure seekers in skiing, fishing, hunting and hiking. The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev boasts of Arsenelna as the deepest metro station (with shining interiors) in the world which is 105 metres deep below the ground level of the city.

“Ivan Kupala Day” is celebrated with much fondness and sentimental fervor in Ukraine along with other countries in Europe. This is the day when young unmarried people go to forest in search of special fronds of fern with a belief that brings them wellness, fortune and progress in life.

For epicureans, Borsch is a favourite soup of beetroot and potato; varenyky is a delicacy stuffed with onions and mushrooms. Ukraine has many orthodox Cathedrals, museums and wide promenades in its capital city Kiev. Gold-domed churches and monuments stand out as special attraction in the speckless clean city for international tourists.

The country retains the special reputation of being the most educated country in the world, with its 99.4 per cent of its population as well taught academically. The Ukrainian lullaby “Oi khodyt Son Kolo Vikon” is the source of inspiration for George Gershwin who composed the ever-green song “Summertime” which is crooned by billions of mothers across the world.