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Hungary Country Information

Hungary is a landlocked country in the Central Europe. Its border is shared by Slovakia in the North, Ukraine in the Northeast, Romania in the East, Serbia and Croatia in the South, Slovenia in the Southwest and Austria in the West. The capital and the largest city is Budapest. The total population of the country is about one crore and the entire land area is 93030 square kilometers, making the average density of population at 107 people per square kilometer.

The official language of the country is Hungarian and the main religion is Christianity followed by 81.4% of the population, with 50% as Catholics, 27.9% as Protestants, 0.2% as believers in Orthodox Church. The remaining people belong to Judaism, Buddhism, Agnosticism and Atheism.

Hungary is of high income mixed economy largely dependent on export revenue. The export items comprise mainly electrical machinery, computer peripherals, vehicles, transport equipment, chemicals, consumer goods, iron and steel, agricultural products, textiles, apparels. Hungary’s major imports are vehicle parts, pharmaceuticals, telephones, integrated circuits and engine spare parts. The transport system in the country is highly developed and thickly spread across the country. All the modes of transportation viz., railways, public automobile vehicles, ships/motor boats and aviation utilize latest technology.

International tourists visiting Hungary are at the outset flooded with the list of important sightseeing places located in the capital Budapest itself.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site “Buda Castle” is a magnificent monument built in 18th century crowned by 61-metre high pale green central cupola facing Danube river and houses more than 200 rooms. The Freedom Bridge on the river Danube is a favourite route for travellers to watch the beauty of the river and the distant view of the Buda Castle. The river passes through and bisects the city giving special identification to different areas of the metropolis.

While the capital city Budapest is the active hub of commerce and governance, all the places of high importance for tourists are not confined to Budapest alone. Worth seeing locations are spread across the entire country. To make an all-inclusive and comprehensive visit, one needs to go to different places in Hungary.

Hungary meets the hankerings of self-indulgent tourists by way of plenty of hot water spas. The thermal water spas are a part of Hungary’s reputation as many as 2000 years back, when aristocratic Romans used them as their centres of luxury.

A drive on Slovak-Hungarian border for about 2 ½ hours will take you to the Aggtelek National Park which holds stunning attractions like stalactite tunnel called Baradla Cave extending to more than 25 kilometres. The brilliantly illuminated interiors of the tunnel with well-cemented clean walkways flanked by the stainless steel banisters add modernity to the 7000 year old cave which once served as a safe hideout for humans from enemies. The tunnel too occupied a place in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the beautiful town of Visegrad, 40 kms north off Budapest lies on a mountain by side of Danube a castle called Visegrad Royal Palace. The grandeur of the palace is so great it is hailed as one of the beautiful palaces in the Europe continent.

The Cathedral of St Peter is another monstrous yet elegant edifice located in the northwest corner of the Old Town of Pecs. Originally built in 1009, the building suffered ravages of Mongol attacks in the 12th century. Several renovations followed thereafter and what we see today is the splendid final outcome of careful efforts to retain the originality as well as the best matching modern tapestry adding to the awesome look of the building.

The Church of San Sebastian, Fishermen’s bastion, Heroes’ Square are the public places which are adorned with tall pillars, semi-circular cloisters mounted with grey-greenish statues of horse-riding brave men, stunning sculptures, massive Chain Bridge are some of the attractions that compel the tourists to visit Hungary again and again.