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Guinea Country Information

Guinea is an African country and its official name is Republic of Guinea. It is located at the western coast of African continent. The country is surrounded by Sierra Leone and Liberia in the southern border. A part of the northern border is common with Senegal. Mali shares its the remaining part of north border, north eastern border and a part of eastern frontier. The south eastern border is shared by Cote D’Ivoire and a part of the southern border is shared by Liberia.

Conakry is the capital and the largest city of Guinea, situated at the extreme western Atlantic coast. The country is also referred to with the more specific name “Guinea-Conakry” for distinguishing it from its northwestern neighbour Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. Being a republic, Guinea is headed by directly elected President for a fixed term as a head of the state as well as head of the government.

Ever since gaining independence in 1958 from France, Guinea was under the governance of a series of autocratic rulers till the presidential elections in 2010.

French is the official language in Guinea and the main religion is Islam. The literacy rate is very low at 41%. There was an outbreak of deadly Ebola virus in 2014 which spread to the capital Conakry and to the adjacent countries Liberia and Sierra Leone. The main cause for eruption of the disease was attributed to the unhygienic conditions such as incomplete/unsafe burial of dead bodies. The menace by the Ebola virus created global panic since no reliable vaccine was available at the time of sudden upsurge of harmful micro-organisms.

The frequent dethronement of political heads during the last several decades and outbreak of the lethal Ebola virus tarnished the external image of the country to the outside world effecting the tourism considerably. The Mount Namibia enjoys the status of the UNESCO World Heritage site. The rainforests, the towering waterfalls and the broad landscapes speak of the potential for eco-tourism in the country. Horseback riding, boating, cycling, fishing are some of the outdoor activities as the available options for tourists.

Guinea is a leading exporter of bauxite (an ore of aluminium) in the world. It also exports gold, iron, diamonds, coffee, frozen fish and petroleum to Spain, Russia, India, Chile and the USA. The main imports of Guinea are capital equipment, apparel, foodstuffs, fuel products from China, Netherlands and the United States. Food grains like rice are imported despite more than 75% of the population is engaged in agricultural activities, since the domestic production at alluvial regions is not sufficient to cater to the local requirements.