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Guernsey Country Information

There are three British Crown dependencies located in the English Channel and the Irish Sea. They are:

  1. Bailiwick of Guernsey       (in the English Channel)
  2. Bailiwick of Jersey            (in the English Channel) ; and
  3. Isle of Man.                        (in the Irish Sea)

The Crown dependencies do not have the status of British Overseas Territories. They are not sovereign states to take membership of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey has three individual jurisdictions viz., Guernsey, Sark and Alderney. The jurisdiction of Guernsey consists of the neighbouring islands of Guernsey, Herm, Jethou and Lithou along with other uninhabited islands. In the jurisdiction of Sark, there are two inhabited islands of Sark and Brecqhou along with other islands with no human presence. Alderney is an island in the other jurisdiction inhabited by about more than 2000 people, along with other uninhabited islands.

The capital and the largest city of Guernsey is Saint Peter Port and the official language is English. As per the census of 2016, the population of Guernsey was reckoned as above 63000.

For tourists, there is a lot more in Guernsey than mere beaches, seaside strolls and distant mountain ridges. The smallest church, probably in the world itself (admeasuring 16ft x 9 ft ) by name the Little Chapel at Saint Andrew looks like a tiny single stone cave with a tall pyramidal conical countenance in the front façade and it has interior walls densely studded with colourful smooth small pebbles, persuading the visitors that there had been deliberate efforts to make the church wear a graceful look.

The Occupation Museum in the Channel Islands is a storehouse of the relics of the Second World War and it has scenic depictions/tableaux  by statuettes and motionless models to display the erstwhile conditions of the five-year German rule in Guernsey, backed by audio-visual representation of various events in the particular period in history.

The rustic promenades in the south cliff were extremely appealing to prompt the French Impressionist artist to release a slew of paintings during his a month-long visit in the island. The cluster of three islands Herm, Sark and Alderney is a paradise for wild-life observers who can get to see extensive fauna. More specifically, the Sark island is a much sought after destination for astronomers desperately in search of the clearest dark night sky for star gazing exclusively for scientific studies as it serves as a natural observatory devoid of artificial glares, showing the celestial bodies which shine as uncountable sharp bright specks against the pitch black screen of the sky.

Activities in sea waters like stand-up paddle boarding are encouraged by local organizers by providing necessary equipment on affordable rental charges. Lihou Island is accessible by water when tides are moderately low. The island is home to about 150 bird species and endemic to a plethora of wildflower plants. The Venus Pool with clear blue waters is the perfect place to take up deep diving to visit the underwater world. The island also houses the dilapidated Benedictine priory dating back to 12th century and two megalithic tombs or Stonehenge-like dolmens; one of which was believed to have led to fairyland and the other was the dreary dwelling place for devilish ogresses.

Candie Gardens are at the altar of St. Peter port from which visitors can take a breathtaking panoramic view of the other islands in the Bailiwick. If there is a guide by your side at the gardens, different distant islands would be introduced to you with the specific names of islands and their significance in the Bailiwick.

Guernsey is also known for the oldest mini Stonehenge-like structures, referred to as Neolithic dolmens believed to have been built 8000 years ago. Horizontal single-stone slabs mounted on four or more vertical monolithic pillars form the enigmatic structures that intensify the curiosity of visitors. Tourists of Guernsey feel they are blessed with a pleasant mixture of less populated scenic beauty of green mountains, sea coasts and an assertive evidence of the ancient yet systematically built miniature castles and well-laid roads.