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Comoros Country Information

Between the northern tip of Madagascar and the south eastern Indian Ocean waters of Tanzania lies a collective group of islands with three of them are relatively bigger than the remaining islets. The volcanic archipelago forms a sovereign nation known as Comoros.

Comoros is a country which gained independence in 1975 from France freeing itself from the colonial empire. Even after becoming an independent country, there were as many as twenty attempts of dethroning the state heads leading to assassinations, political turmoil and chaos. In 1997, the islands of Anjouan and Moheli declared independence from Comoros.  Comoros also claims sovereignty over another neighbouring major island which is still an overseas department of France.

In addition to the political upheavals, the economy of the country is in doldrums and about half of its population lives below the poverty line, according an estimate of 2008. The natural resources of the country are incommensurate with the ever increasing population. Most of the people are poorly educated and are mainly engaged in activities of subsistence level.

Comoros is predominated by Muslim religion with about 99% of the population being Sunni Muslims. The main official language is Comorian, also known as Shikomori, with additional official languages Arabic and French. Comorian is mostly confined to the use of oral conversation. French is the language for the purpose of administration and is the medium of education. Arabic retains its status as the language of religion. As the Comorian language is without any original script, it is expressed whenever it is required either in Latin or in Arabic.

Moroni is the capital of Comoros. Despite the poor international image, Comoros is not without its merits to offer to foreign travellers. The Galawa beach in Grand Comore entices the sightseers with its dark turquoise blue waters and flat sand stretches of glaring whiteness in sunlight. Air Tanzania, Kenyan Airways and Air Madagascar offer flight services to Prince Said Ibrahim Airport on Grand Comore. One can stay up to forty five days on tourist visa available on arrival for €30.