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China has been consistently on top of the world in terms of population strength. The country stands out with a population of more than 1.417 billion with a maximum share of 18.41% of the total human population on the planet, as per the calculations of United Nations as of January, 2019. China is the fourth largest by area following Russia, Canada and United States of America in seriation. The average density of population is 145 people per square kilometer. Officially known as People’s Republic of China, it is a socialist country ruled on the principles of Marxist-Leninist communist ideology.

Beijing is the capital of the country and Shanghai is the biggest city. China is also known to have the largest military population strength comprising permanent full-time personnel exclusively dedicated for purpose of defence and combat. The northern border is shared by Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. The north eastern border is common with North Korea. Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan and India lie to its eastern border. Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan share a common border on the western side of China. The country has a lengthy coastline of 14,500 kilometers in contiguity with Yellow Sea on northeastern border and the remaining part of the shore has maritime zone with East China Sea and South China Sea.

The official language is Mandarin which is often referred to as the Standard Chinese spoken by more than 70% of the total population. The market-oriented economic reforms introduced in 1978 catapulted the growth rate of the country above 6% consistently. As per the estimate of 2019, the per capita GDP (nominal) was US$ 10,099 and the total value of exports was US $2.49 trillion at the end of 2018, with the total imports amounting to US$2.14 trillion. The top items of export include cotton, tea, rice, potatoes and soya beans and that of imports are mineral fuels including oil, iron ore, copper and copper ore, oil seeds and coal. The textile industry of China is the biggest in the world.

China is a land wonders! More particularly, it possesses one of the (man-made) wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China that extends to about 8,850 kilometers. In spite of its breathtakingly long distance, the China Wall cannot be seen from space. It is the iconic symbol of the country tracing a labyrinthine path over the hills and jagged terrains across the width of the country.

The Forbidden City in the city of Beijing was once a “Palace City” where non-elite laymen were forbidden entry. The palace had served as the imperial castle for Ming and Qing dynasties for 560 years upto 1914. Now the citadel is known as “Palace Museum” which houses innumerable historical relics reflecting the glory of bygone era and heritage.

A cthonic cavern housing a big battalion of terracotta lay hidden till 1974, which alerted the attention of the world when farmers dug the ground for a water-well as a part of their routine agricultural activities. The terracotta statues include about 8000 soldiers of various strata of hierarchy, 150 cavalry horses and 130 chariots with horses numbering 520, the majority of which remained buried near the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of unified China. The most intriguing fact is the terracotta statues remained intact and undamaged after 2000 years of their creation.

The Bund in the city of Shanghai is a wide promenade by the side of Huangpu River and marked by modern skyscrapers, grandiose edifices and busy wharves. The area is dominated by 52 architectural exotic designs ranging from Romanesque Revival, Gothic Revival, Renaissance Revival, Baroque Revival, Neo-Classical or Beaux-Arts and Art Deco styles. The Bund is more known for the rich collection of Art Deco architecture that once influenced the design of buildings, vehicles, furniture, jewelry and other household items during the 20th century. The place has become a spacious boulevard built in a perfect clean layout where multifarious styles of classcal architecture and the modern high rise gigantic buildings seem to vie with one another for superior elegance.

The scariest glass-bottomed walkway bridge, known as Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and constructed along the nearly vertical walls of a mountain is a terrifying experience for tourists who need to saunter at a height of 3800 feet on the see-through glass panelled passage. This is made more haunting by making the glass floor-panel look crack up beneath the feet of walking visitors. The sight of huge canyon beneath the bridge is sure to cause vertigo to weak-hearted sightseers. This is not definitely recommended for the acrophobic. However, the sturdy banister on either side of the walkway is the trustworthy support for walking visitors.

The China’s Paradise on Earth is the West Lake of placidity in Hangzhou. The West Lake along with the scenic surroundings of lush greenery, tree lined walkways, the Chinese style arched bridge add to the beauty of the park. A boat ride in the lake lets the viewers take a detailed look of the tile roofed bungalows on the riverside and the distant tall buildings sprouting up from the thick foliage of woods.

The more sophisticated version of seeking thrill than walking on the Great Wall of China is climbing atop the Victoria Peak to catch a glimpse of bird’s eye view of Hong Kong and the neighbouring Victoria Harbour extending towards the mainland of China.

The Li River in Guilin is acclaimed as one of the most scenic locales in China. The picture-perfect natural sight has been the inspiration for painters, photographers and poets. The National Geographic Magazine described the location as one of the World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders. The Li River has the distinction of being the visiting place for the former US Presidents like George Bush (Senior) and Bill Clinton and the celebrity Bill Gates.

China with its vast land area ranking among the top four in the world has innumerable sightseeing places that require quite an elongated period of stay for visitors who do not wish to miss any of sites that have been listed as the highly rated tourist attractions.