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Cherry Fruit | Cherries Health Benefits Nutrition Facts | Amazing Benefits

Cherry Fruit

Cherry fruit is a good source of lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and offer health benefits including prevention of hypertension, improved digestion, reducing the bad cholesterol and relief from infections, aging, arthritis and boosting immunity system. They also help in preventing many disorders such as cancer, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is Cherry Fruit?   

Cherry fruit, delicious and sweet or sour, is one of the favorite fruits, liked by everyone especially children.  Sour cherry fruit is red in color, but sweet cherry fruit come in different color; some are dark skinned and some are light. Different types of sweet cherries include Balaton, Bing, Lambert, Maraschino, Morello, Rainier, Royal Ann. And sour cherries are Montmorency, canned or frozen. Major producers of cherries are Turkey and the United States, Iran, Italy, Uzbekistan.

Nutrition Facts Of Sweet Cherries:

The nutrition value per 100 grams (3.5 Oz) and percentage of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) are given below:


Vitamin A                               3 μg, 0% of RDA

Thiamine (B1)                        0.027 mg, 2% of RDA

Riboflavin (B2)                       0.033 mg, 3%of RDA

Niacin (B3)                             0.154 mg, 1% of RDA

Pantothenic acid (B5)            0.199 mg, 4% of RDA

Vitamin B6                             0.049 mg, 4% of RDA

Folate (B9)                            4 μg, 1% of RDA

Choline                                  6.1 mg, 1% of RDA

Vitamin C                               7 mg, 8% of RDA

Vitamin K                               2.1 μg, 2% of RDA


Sweet cherries contain 13mg of Calcium, 0.36 mg of Iron, 11 mg of Magnesium 0.07 mg of Manganese ,21 mg of Phosphorus,  222 mg of Potassium, 0.07 mg of Zinc.         


Sweet cherries contain 16 g crabs, Sugars 12.8 g, Dietary fiber 2.1 g.


Total healthy Fat contains 0.2 g.


Sweet cherries contain 1.1 g of Protein.

Nutritional Facts Of  Sour Cherries:


  • Vitamin A equiv.                     64 μg, 8% of RDA

  • Beta-carotene                        770 μg, 7% of RDA

  • Lutein zeaxanthin                  85 μg

  • Thiamine (B1)                        0.03 mg, 3% of RDA

  • Riboflavin (B2)                       0.04 mg, 3% of RDA

  • Niacin (B3)                             0.4 mg, 3% of RDA

  • Pantothenic acid (B5)            0.143 mg, 3% of RDA

  • Vitamin B6                             0.044 mg, 3% of RDA

  • Folate (B9)                             8 μg, 2% of RDA

  • Choline                                   6.1 mg, 1% of RDA

  • Vitamin C                               10 mg, 12% of RDA

  • Vitamin K                                2.1 μg, 2% of RDA


Sour cherries contain 16 mg Calcium, 0.32mg Iron, 9mg Magnesium, 0.112mg Manganese, 15 mg Phosphorus, 173 mg Potassium, 3 mg  Sodium, 0.1 mg  Zinc.


Sour cherries contain 12.2g of crabs, Sugars 8.5g, Dietary fiber 1.6g.


It contains 1g of Protein.


Total Fat is 0.3g.

Cherry Fruit Health Benefits:

Few incredible Cherry fruits health benefits are:

  1. Prevent The Cancer:

Sweet cherries are rich in, vitamin C, fiber, anthocyanin and carotenoids each of which can play a role in cancer prevention.

  1. Relief From Arthritis:

Cherries are best for relief from pain due to arthritis because it contains the anti-inflammatory compounds; some of them can help to relieve pain from inflammatory osteoarthritis.

  1. Prevent Hypertension:

Cherries contain very high in potassium which reduce risk of hypertension and regulate the blood pressure and heart rate.

  1. Reduce The Bad Cholesterol Levels:

Cherries contain the phytosterols which help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels.

  1. Infections And Immunity:

Cherries contain vitamin C, Carotenoids and flavonoids which are helpful to boost our immunity and protect us from bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Cherry Fruit

        6. Aid In Digestion:

Good amount of fiber present in cherries helps to regulate the bowel movements and help relieve constipation and the acid in them aids digestion.

Other Benefits:

Cherries contain natural melanin which play a vital role for helping you sleep comfortably. They also contain rich amount of antioxidants that protect your brain health and fight against diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease; keep away bad breath and also protect you from seasonal diseases such as cough, cold, pox, mumps, and measles. Cherries effectively neutralize free radicals and also protect us from aging.

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