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California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse is located near Arashi Beach in Aruba Island country. It is a light house and placed at northwest tip of Aruba. The light house is also called as steamship California. Aruba is an island and it is located in southern side of Caribbean Sea. Aruba has six major cities - Noord, Oranjestad, Paradera, San Nicolaas, Santa Cruz and Savaneta. The stone light house was designed by a French architect in year 1910 and finally in the year 1916 the whole construction was completed. Adjacent to the lighthouse there is a bistro  called “The White Lighthouse Restaurant”. The Lighthouse surroundings are very pleasant and do not disappoint visitors with aesthetic sense.  Basically, California lighthouse has been designed to sign the ships from the coastline or Aruba. Now this lighthouse is a very famous tourist spot. Near the lighthouse you are likely to get more fun with family and friends. There California Sand Dunes offers multiple varieties of foods for visitors.

Aruba California Lighthouse:

Address Of California Lighthouse: 

North end of L.G.  Smith Boulevard, Noord, Aruba.

How To Reach California Lighthouse :

Aruba has airport in Oranjestad city, Airport name is Queen Beatrix International Airport. Flights will come from nearby countries. From airport you can use buses or private taxi or rent a car.

Shopping At California Lighthouse:

The Alhambra shopping mall, Palm Beach Plaza mall, Royal Plaza mall, Renaissance mall  and other malls can be visited for shopping  in Aruba. Some stores are open until late at night, providing the dining choices from fast-food to gourmet. The merchandise include clothing, jewelry, designer sunglasses, gifts and linens. In addition, there is  entertainment offered by the movie theaters.

 Where To Stay:

Multiple hotels and restaurants are available near California Lighthouse. Here we list some of the best hotels around:

  • OCEANZ Boutique Hotel Aruba

  • Caribbean Palm Village Resort

  • Tierra del Sol Resort & Golf

  • Aruba Blue Village

  • Coconut Inn

  • Arubiana Inn

 Tourist Places Near California Lighthouse:

1. Arikok National Park:

The Arikok National Park is a very good place to spend entire day enjoying the dramatic landscapes. Hiking tours are also available in this park. Different species live in this park such as Aruban burrowing owl, Aruban rattlesnake, Aruban Whiptail lizard and Aruban parakeet.

2. Hadicurari Beach:

Hadicurari Beach is located between Malmok Beach to the north and Palm Beach to the south. Hadicurari Beach is a busy place with activities like windsurfing, kiting and sporting events throughout the year. The water offers excellent swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and windsurfing because the depths of waters are very shallow.

3. Butterfly Farm:

Butterfly farm is most attractive with nature in all its beauty and diversity. We can   also observe the life cycle of butterfly from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Gift shops are also available here for buying funky t-shirts, butterfly gardening books, bookmarks, picture frames and sterling silver jewelry made with real butterfly wing.

 4. Caves:

Guadirikiri Cave, the Fontein Cave and the Huliba Cave are located in the Arikok National Park. Guadirikiri Caves are found on the island of Aruba, near Butucu. These caves are low, dark, and damp. Huliba cave is located in Arikok National Park. It is populated by long-nosed bats and long-tongued fruit bats, which are interesting to watch at night. Fontein Cave is a site for broad range of paintings.

5. Natural Pool:

The Natural Pool, also known as “Conchi” in Papaimiento is a small, naturally occurring pool on the rugged, rocky, volcanic coastline of Aruba. 

6. Museum Of Antiques:

The antiques museum has different showrooms with an incredible collection of European Antiques and Curiosities, from rich hand carved wooden furniture, to fine porcelain, jewelry, paintings, oriental rugs, bronzes and wooden statues and various collections.

California Lighthouse

7. The Bubali Bird Sanctuary:

      The Bubali Bird Sanctuary is one of the best and most easily accessible places for watching on Aruba. More than eighty species live in this sanctuary including egrets, herons and cormorants, coots, gulls, skimmers, tems and ducks.

California Airports:

  1. Bob Hope Airport (Hollywood Burbank Airport)
  2. Fresno Yosemite International Airport
  3. Long Beach Airport
  4. Los Angeles International Airport
  5. Palm Springs International Airport
  6. Sacramento International Airport

Aruba Airport

Aruba has one international Airport to travel, Queen Beatrix International Airport

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