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Bhashyam School

Bhashyam Educational Group has been tremendously successful in the field of education, because it has not waited for things to happen, but has created opportunities instead of waiting for it to knock. Bhashyam School has more than 50 campuses in Andhra predesh and Telangana, India.

Bhashyam Educational Group:

This proactive approach has resulted in creating many vistas for learning and setting up different verticals in the field of education to suit the varying needs of the students. In over two decades of its existence, it has delivered to the society a steady and healthy band of successful youngsters who have made a mark in their respective career charts. Bhashyam has grown tall and spread far and wide at a decent pace mainly because parents and students responded.

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Bhashyam school


  • Bhashyam School, right from the inception, is known for its innovative integrated Foundation Programmes from VI to X class.

  • Empowered thousands of students to be successful to step into IITs, NITs, BITS, AFMC, JIPMER and so on.

  • Bhashyam IIT (BIIT) Foundation Academy comprehensive 5-year Integrated Foundation Programme from classes VI to X.

  • School is considered the best for the talented aspirants.
  • It aims at honing up students to get into national level engineering and medical institutions right from the schooling.

  • Senior IIT and Medical coaching faculty have designed this futuristic courses.

  • Faculty working on National Curriculum (CBSE and ICSE) and State Board syllabus.

  • This advanced integrated programme makes the students strong in fundamentals as well as sharpen their analytical and logical skills.

  • This will ensure their success in facing all challenges in the academic field.

  • The Group is spreading slowly but steadily.

Bhashyam School:

Bhashyam School has established day and residential schools to meet the demands of the parents to provide quality learning to their children. The course schedule followed is uniform and the standards are equally good, no matter which branch the students join. Bhashyam School has several firsts to its credit, not only in bringing the new trends in education.

Bhashyam school

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  • Also in creating world-class residential schools that stand as a reflex of its commitment and philosophy.
  • Bhashyam school group has separate residential campuses for boys and girls.

  • Located at Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag and Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India.

  • These residential campuses are carefully planned to suit the requirements of students as well as the hopes of parents and the ideals of the institution.

  • Artistically designed and precisely constructed to groom the global citizens.

  • Students joining the course will have the freedom to relish their childhood to the fullest as well as enjoy learning.

  • Appealing landscapes, aesthetic architecture, and tranquil ambience make it a great place to pursue education.

  • For more information you can visit Bhashyam Schools Official site

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Bhasyam Blooms:

Bhashyam Blooms is another new concept school from Bhasyam management.  Bhashyam Blooms has well qualified, trained and experienced  faculty to teach the students. It has completely e-based classrooms, good location, wide play ground and well spaced. Bhashyam have been set up to give teachers the advantage of giving students a demonstrative coaching. All these activities are directed towards the development of the students to perform well and achieve success. 

You can also view the curricum of the Bhashyam Blooms at Click Here

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