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Atlantis Submarine Expedition | Aruba Atlantis Submarine Underwater Tour

Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Atlantis Submarine Expedition - In general, military use submarines to protect their countries from enemies. Submarines will to attack enemy’s surface ships and submarines. Submarines are used widely in World war-I. Here, we would like to discuss Submarines Expedition tour at Aruba Country. Aruba’s Atlantis Submarine Expedition is most attractive and largest passenger submarine fleet in the world. Atlantis Submarine is the first and successful dive in the southern Caribbean water from 15 October 1990 onwards. The Atlantis Submarine tour begins at the adventure center in downtown Ornajested. You will see the close view of variety fishes like unicorn fish, spade fish, sea turtle, clown fish, surgeon fish and sharks and two sunken wrecks while diving to depth upto 130 feet.  Fishes are touch to the submarine you can feel anxious and enjoy the wonders of the deep. After completion of dive, you will receive dive certificate for your participation. Submarine contains fully air conditioned and large view ports.

Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Atlantis submarines are manufactured by Canada Atlantis submarine company.  Company operating the submarines Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, Curacao, Grand Cayman, St. Martin, Waikiki, Mau, Kona and Gaum. They have multiple subclasses of submarines those are, Atlantis I, Atlantis II, Atlantis III, Atlantis IV, Atlantis VI, Atlantis VII, Atlantis IX, Atlantis X, Atlantis XI, Atlantis XII, XIV.

Atlantis Tour Submarine:

Atlantis Submarine Expedition is floating underwater. Submarines also called diving planes or hydroplanes Submarine have two hulls, one is inside and another one is outer side. Outer hull is waterproof it keeps the water out and inner hull is Pressure hull to immense water pressure. Hulls are called ballast tanks, Hulls fill with air or water. Ballast tank fill with air submarine raises to the surface, ballast tank fill with water it sinks deeper into the ocean.  


L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba.              

Opening Hours

Atlantic Submarine dive opens on 8:30AM to 5:30PM. The duration of dive takes approximately 1hour or 45 minutes.

How To Reach Atlantis Submarine Expedition:

Aruba has international airport. Flights will come from near countries. From airport you can use busses or private taxi or rent a car.

Shopping And Food:

Many supermarkets, Grocery stores and shopping available in oranjested city. All American brand products are available in these stores like wines, beers, liquor, daily baked breads and pastriesShopping finds includes jewelry, table linens, perfumes, leather goods, designer fashions and electronics, locally made handicrafts.

Where To Stay:

Multiple hotels and restaurants are available near Atlantis submarines. Here we listed some best hotels:

  • The Paddock
  • Aquarius
  • Gelatissimo Bistro
  • Yemanja Wood fired Grill
  • Iguana Joe’s Caribbean Bar & Grill
  • Seven West
  • Fred Restaurant
  • The Dutch Pancake House
  • Driftwood
  • Cuba’s Cookin

Dive Fee:

Atlantis submarine expedition dive fee For Adults: (United States Dollar) USD $ 105.00 pp, For Children: USD $ 79.00.

Additional Information:

Wear casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Guests must be present before 30minutes at Atlantis main office. Children must be 4years and 90cm height to enter the submarine.

Oranjested Airports:

  • Las Piedras airport
  • Curacao airport
  • Coro airport
  • Bonaire airport
  • Barquisimeto airport
  • Queen Beatrix International Airport

Atlantis Submarines In Other Islands:

1. Atlantis Submarine Hawaii:

Hawaii is located in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean and 3,300 kilometers from the coast of the continental United States. This submarine dive is most attractiveness while diving up to depth 100feet you will see colorful sea life and wrecked ships.

2. Atlantis Submarine Maui:

Maui is located in the Hawaii islands. Hawaii is the part of United States .You will have the opportunity to see marine life under water and sunken ships while diving up to 100 feet depth.


658 Front St #11, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA

Opening Hours:

Atlantis Submarine dive opens 8AM to 5PM.

Atlantis Submarine Expedition

3. Atlantis Submarine Waikiki:

Waikiki is the part of Hawaii. You will have the opportunity to see turtles, sharks, yellow tangs, eels and more species of under water.


252 Paoa Pl, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

Opening Hours:

Atlantis Submarine dive opens on 9AM to 4PM.

4. Atlantis Submarine Cozumel:

Atlantis Submarine takes to you 100 feet depth under water. You will see the tropical fish, protected park, coral reef, flora and fauna.


 Chankanab Km 4, Zona Hotelera Sur, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico

Opening Hours:

Atlantis Submarine Cozumel dive opens on 7AM to 9PM.

5. Atlantis Submarine Guam:

Atlantis Submarine takes to you 20 to 40 meters depth under water. You will see air bubbles, many coral life and colorful sea life. It is located more than 6,000 miles west of Los Angeles, California.

Opening Hours:

Atlantis Submarine Guam tour operates daily with different timings including 8:45am, 9:30 am, 10:15am, 11:00am and 11:45 am.

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