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Lemaire Channel

Lemaire Channel is a strait between Kiev Peninsula and Booth Island. It is located in Antarctica.  Lemaire channel is also called Kodak Gap or Fuji Funnel or Kodak Canal. Its length is about 11km and it has 1600 meter width at centre point. Antarctica is known for its exotic beauty and Lemaire channel is outstandingly pleasant. This channel is the standard part of the itinerary for cruising.

  • This channel was initially identified by the Belgian de Gerlache in 1898. Unfortunately sometimes ice blocks the way and due to this ships may get forced to retreat and sail outside Booth Island.
  • You can see Speaking Penguins. These are genuinely cutest animals on the whole planet. You can watch their daily life activities. You will be tempted to spend few hours at the narrow place.
  • Another specialty is the whales you can’t see anywhere in the world. Here whales have no fear against men and they are the top of the food chain. Whales were not hunted in Antarctica for decades so they don’t run away on coming across Kayaks, Zodiacs or ships. They will come very surprisingly close to you and it is a different experience altogether.

How To Reach Lemaire Channel:

The most used way is through sea. Most of the companies provide good services and cruises to reach Antarctica.  The names of some famous companies are listed below:

Some people will reach Antarctica using Yacht. There are private companies that provide weekly tourist packages. Some of the companies are Ocean Expeditions, Expedition Sail and Spirit of Sydney. You are sure to undergo memorable experiences by visiting the places which are unique on the whole earth. Antarctica has multiple landing places for aeroplanes and helipads. You can reach here to visit all the worth seeing places in Antarctica.

  • Anvers Island
  • Budd Coast Wilkes land
  • King George Island
  • Ross Island
  • Seymour Island
  • South Pole
  • Terra Nova Bay
  • Antarctic Plateau
  • Princess Elizabeth Land
  • Rothera Point, Adelaide Island
  • George VI sound
  • Brunt Ice Shelf
  • Queen Maud Land
  • Mac. Robertson Land
  • Thala Hills
  • Exstrom Maud Land
  • Prime Head

Lemaire Channel

Lemaire Channel​ Climate And Visiting Time:

Whole Antarctica is good to travel during summer season from November to March. During the entire summer season here the temperature will go up to 14°C with the non-stop daylight round the clock till the end of the season. But whereas in winter season, the conditions get extremely intolerable and the coldness reaches about -40°C; remember darkness prevails during this entire period.

Sleep And Stay:

As we know Antarctica has 24 hours daylight so you are likely to be disturbed by the day light when you want to sleep. Due to peculiar longer periodicity of daytime, your biological clock might get effected. Hoping for existence hotels for food & stay at such a place is a highly absurd idea. You can use your ship, yacht for sleeping and rest. Tents are also used for sleep and stay. You have to make your own arrangements to keep yourself sufficiently warm in the extremely unbearable cold climate.

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