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Albanian Riviera 

Albania Riviera has been an independent country for 104 years.  Ever since its independence, it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The Albanian Riviera very well may be the most underrated summer vacation spot in Europe. From its cheap, delicious seafood to its friendly locals and stunning beaches, the Albanian Riviera is known for its beauty and for being one of the top beach destination spots. Albania, and particularly the southern part of the country, has secluded pebble beaches, islands, and a few hidden and pristine sandy beaches. One interesting fact about Albania is the saintly personality of Albania,  Anjeze  Gonxhe  Bojaxhiu, who is better known to the rest of the world as Mother Teresa.  She was born in Skopje, which is now a part of Macedonia, and is one of the most beloved religious figures of the 20th century. She is the only Albanian to win a Nobel Prize.

How To Get To Albanian Riviera:

By Plane:

The only civil airport, “Mother Teresa International Airport” is located just 15 minutes away from Tirana. It is served by numerous European carriers such as British Airways, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Austrian and the low cost carriers German wings and Belle Air. There is a bus once an hour that runs between Airport and Skanderberg Square in the Centre of Tirana. At the exit of airport there are numerous taxis 24/7 that can ply to the city. Taxi fares to other locations are posted on a placard just outside the exit doors.

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Albanian Riviera

By Train:

There are no international connections to Albania by train. There are some trains that operate within the country but the service is limited.

By Sea:

The main ports are Durresi, Vlora and Shengjini. The journey can take between 9 and 25 hours from Italy (ferries ply the route between Italy and various ports on the Albanian coast); there are also boats from Slovenia.

Top Best Beaches Listed Here


This beach is combination of white and black sand. Pristine waters, camping options, and a quaint village with white houses and a 400-year-old platanus (tree) at its Centre await you. There are a few restaurants and cafes that dot the landscape and one nightclub that often draw crowds, but aside from this, Palasa is the beach for those whose aim is to avoid the crowd.


 Dhermi is the one of the longest beaches on the Albanian Riviera; Dhermi is a tourist favorite for those looking for a slightly more luxurious experience. The beach itself is a pebble beach surrounded by coastal pine forests. You have the choice of enjoying the main beach that comes complete with services and people watching, or head to the outer lengths where the beach is more pristine and quiet. The village simply up the hill from the seaside, packed with awesome stone homes which convey to the thoughts an idyllic bygone era. While you’re there in Dhermi, also plan to visit the Hypapante Church, Panagia Monastery, The Pirates Cave, and Gramata Harbour.


Ksamil is often the first and most exciting day excursion site. This is the place that many Albanians come to during the summer months. The beaches here are some of the only sandy beaches in the country and there are generally less people there. Many of the beaches are privately owned and charge a small admissions fee but it’s the perfect spot for those looking to be centrally located. There are three small islands just off shore and make for a fantastic boat ride or swim through brilliant turquoise  waters.


Bunec is a lovely cover frequently left out by way of travelers. It’s quiet for a beginning. Definitely it is not the party beach. But it’s also divided by a river which begins up in the mountains surrounding the beach. It’s charming and unspoilt and has some pretty incredible sunsets. Accommodations are good, with camping being a popular option. This is the beach for those seeking the inner silence that comes with the lull of the waves hitting the shore.

The Blue Eye (Syri Kalter):

Technically it is not a beach; it is called a natural spring. This is one of those natural wonders that capture our imaginations.

Since its discovery, travellers try to unlock the secrets of Blue eye. One of the surprising rate is water bubbles up to the surface. No one actually knows how deep it is, as divers have only descended to 50 meters. The Blue Eye is gorgeously, brilliantly blue. And no one knows why. Locals call it Syri I kalter and love to narrate you the legends and origin myths surrounding the spring. This is a place for slowing down and enjoying Mother Nature to the fullest.


Borsh is a massive beach and at 7km, is the longest unbroken stretch in Albania. Everyone enjoys the dramatic vista as they come into town from the coastal road. Despite this, one of the best parts of Borsh is that it is still largely untouched by tourism development.

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Albanian Riviera

Accommodation In Albanian Riviera :

You have so many hotels to stay; here we have listed some of hotels near all the beaches in Albania.

  • Hotel Blue Sky
  • Hotel Royal Saranda
  • Harmony Hotel
  • Hotel Liro
  • Hotel Apollon
  • Rondos Hotel
  • Beach Hotel Mucobega
  • Saranda Hotel
  • Porto Eda Hotel
  • Aparthotel Espana

Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera aerial view

Shopping In Albanian Riviera:

The thing that interests travelers here are the well-known traditional bazaars of kruja, Korca, Shkodra, Gjirokastra dhe Tirana. These traditional markets sell artisan works produced by Albanian people that include wood carved objects, ceramics, embroideries and cooper objects.

You will easily find shops selling all the stuff but keep in mind that bargaining is a must for anything you want to buy here.And also bear in mind that many stores will not accept card payments. They still accept payments in cash (in Albanian lek). However, you may shop for stuff in better supermarkets, newly made bookstores and boutique stores with credit or debit cards.

Albanian Riviera Food:

 Check out these 10 mouth-watering dishes in Albania

  1. Freshly Caught Shrimp
  2. Fegese
  3. Tave Kosi
  4. Perime Ne Scare
  5. Fileto Pule Me Panna Dhe Kerpudha
  6. Chocolate Delight!
  7. Speca me Glize
  8. Byrek Mangalemi
  9. Pizza
  10. Shendetli

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