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Akshardham | Akshardham Temple | Akshardham Mandir | Swaminarayan Temple


Akshardham or Swaminarayan temple is a Hindu temple located in NewDelhi, India.  Akshardham temple is the best example for the beautiful Indian architecture of recent times. It showcases the blend of technical modernity with traditional architectural styles, covering an area of 8000 square meters.

Akshardham Location:

Akshardham is located in Noida Mor, near the banks of river Yamuna, adjacent to the 2010 Commonwealth Games Village in Eastern New Delhi. The temple which has become the landmark in Delhi is a hotspot amongst the domestic and international tourists. According to Swamynarayan, the word Akshardham means the abode of Brahma, the creator and believed by followers as a temporal home of God on Earth.

 The primary deity of Swamynarayan Akshardham is in the main temple complex which is a majestic structure measuring 10 feet high. The bordering intricate carvings and gold leaves design shows the brilliant intricacy of their artistic skills.

A trip to Akshardham is not only considered to be a pilgrimage tour, but also a historic voyage that leaves us mesmerized.

How To Reach Akshardham:

Delhi Metro train has a station nearby called “Akshardham Metro Station”. This metro station is located between Pandav Nagar on one side and Akshardham mandir and common wealth games village on the other. You can use metro station with minimal ticket price. You can also use other means of transport to visit the site. One can reach Akshardham by hiring regional transport vehicles, local auto-rickshaws, cabs.

About The Place:

The main attraction of the Swamynarayan Akshardham complex is Akshardham mandir. It is at a height of 141 feet high and is 316 feet wide and extends up to 356 feet long. It has intricately carved with the well-chosen models of flora & fauna, dancers, musicians and deities. It is entirely constructed from Rajasthani pink sand stone and Italian carrara marble.Built according to the Hindu architectural guidelines no ferrous metal has been used and thus has no support of steel or concrete.The mandir consists of 234 vibrantly carved pillars, nine domes and 20,000 murtis of sadhus, devotees and acharyas. The mandir features the Gajendra Pith at its base. It contains 148 life sized elephants in total weighing a colossal 3000 tons. In the sanctum sanctorum  lies  the 11 feet  idol of Swamynarayan seated in abhayamudra .The temple also  has beautifully carved idols of Sita Ram, Radha Krishna,Shiv Parvathi and Lord Lakshminarayan.


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Other Attractions In Akshardham:

1. Nikanth Varni Abhishek

It is a spiritual tradition in which prayers are offered for world peace and continual peace for oneself, family and friends with the water of 151 holy rivers, lakes and ponds of India.

2. Exhibitions

Hall1- Hall of values (50mins)

 Visuals and robotic shows that uphold the ideals of nonviolence, honesty, family harmony and spirituality are exhibited here.

Hall2- Giant Screen Film (40mins)

A movie depicting the story of an eleven year old yogi named Nilkanth is shown, that brings to life the culture and spirituality of India’s customs, the majesty of its art and architecture and the unforgettable sights, sounds and power of its inspiring festivals.

Hall3-Cultural Boat Ride(15mins)

One can sail through 10, 000 years of India’s glorious heritage, and learn about the discoveries and inventions of scientists of India, we can see the world’s first university of Takshashila, sail through the caves of Ajantha-Ellora and discover India’s contributions to humanity through ages.

3. Musical Fountain-Circle Of Life (Evenings At Sunset-15min)

A spectacular musical fountain show that depicts the cycle of birth, life, and death as described in Indian philosophy.

4. Garden Of India:

This consists of lush lawns, gardens and exquisite bronze statues, honouring India’s heroes, great warriors, national patriots and great women personalities who inspire human values.

5. Lotus Garden:

This is a lotus shaped garden echoing spirituality as expressed by philosophers, scientists, leaders of the world.

6. Premvathi Ahar Gruh:

Premvathi Food Court is a vegetarian restaurant modelled on the Ajantha and Ellora caves in Maharashtra, India and an Ayurvedic bazaar. The restaurant caters a variety of traditional dishes.

7. Aarsh Centre:

The Akshardham centre for applied research in social harmony is the centre within the complex which carries out research projects on education, medicare, tribal rural welfare, ecology and culture.


Swamynarayan Akshardham in New Delhi is the perfect example of 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breathtaking grandeur, beauty, wisdom and bliss. It brilliantly exhibits the Indian architecture, traditions and the very precious spiritual messages.

This temple was built in only five  years through the blessings of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) and the colossal dedicated efforts of 11,000 artisans and thousands of BAPS volunteers.This temple won the prestigious Guinness World Record as the World’s  largest comprehensive Hindu Temple, the complex was inaugurated on 6 November, 2005.

Places Near Akshardham :

  1. Indraprastha Park Or Ip Park:

This park is a place of great recreation in the city.

  1. Raj Ghat:

The renowned Raj Ghats, is a memorial dedicated to the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, on the banks of river Yamuna.

  1. Laxminarayan Temple:

This temple was designed by renowned B R Birla during the period of 1933-1939, and was inaugurated by Gandhiji.

  1. Connaught Place:

One of the very well-known professional areas in the city of Delhi, it is highly recommended for shopping by Delhiites as it is a great hub for both private as well as labelled companies.

  1. Pragati Maidan:

Pragathi maidan is a venue for large exhibitions and conventions in New Delhi.

Near Airport:

Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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