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‘World Heaviest women’ Eman Ahmed reached Abu Dhabi and admitted in Burjeel Hospital

Eman Ahmed

Eman Ahmed, the heaviest women weighed more than 500 kilograms when she arrived Mumbai on February 11 for weight loss treatment. EMan Ahmed, lost weight about 330 kilograms after weight loss surgery in Saifee hospital, Mumbai.  Eman was discharged from Saifee hospital, for further treatment in UAE.

Saifee Hospital said Eman Ahmed’s surgery was a ‘proud moment in Indian medical history,’ and when she was leaving India her weight had dropped to 176.6 kg, and it was happy to treat her at no cost. A crane was used to remove her from her home in Alexandria in Egypt, which she had not left for 20 years and she arrived in Mumbai on a refurbished cargo plane. She left Saifee Hospital in a special wheelchair before being transferred to an ambulance waiting to take her to the airport. On February 11, when she arrived here, a specially-made bed and a crane were needed to transport her from the airport to the hospital.

"Eman arrived on a bed and left in a wheelchair"

Eman Ahmed:

The hospital’s nursing staff, who had looked after her for 82 days as she first underwent a stringent diet regime before going under the knife for weight loss surgery, said goodbye with flowers. Lakdawala said it will be difficult to say goodbye. “She wasn’t smiling at me for the past four five days after this controversy with her sister started. But on Wednesday, as I was just about to leave her bedside, she held my hand with tears in her eyes. We will miss her, she was like a younger sister to all of us”.

The city traffic police created a new ‘Green corridor’ ambulance for transferring the Eman Ahmed from Safee hospital to International airport of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Gate no.5 in just 18 minutes, a journey that normally takes an hour. Ms. Ahmed flew out to Abu Dhabi on an Egypt Air cargo plane.

Till the time she was in India, the emotion and drama surrounding Ms. Ahmed’s departure just about covered for the continuing bad blood between her sister Shaimaa Selim and Dr. Lakdawala. Arguments over the final arrangements threatened to spoil the proceedings, and needed intervention by State Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant.

Her last hours at the hospital did not end without some high drama after Shaimaa refused to sign some legal clause as part of the transfer process. Finally, Dr. Sawant and a senior police officer met with Ms. Selim for over half-an-hour to calm things down. The Times of India (TOI) reported that the argument between Shaimaa and Saifee got to a point when VPS Healthcare's Bhurjeel Hospital team, who were taking her to UAE, said they'd take Eman without signing the papers.

Eman Ahmed

Ms. Selim made a last-minute bid to set things right, saying Indians have showered tremendous love and affection on her sister. “I respect all Indians. I had a problem with Saifee Hospital and Dr. Lakdawala, not with Indians.” However, she refused to comment about Saifee Hospital or bariatric surgeon Dr Lakdawala, who operated on Eman helping her to shed more than 300kg in just over two months.

Now, Eman Ahmed reached Abu Dhabi and has been admitted into the Burjeel Hospital to continue her treatment. Eman Ahmed is scheduled to spend a year at the Abu Dhabi hospital undergoing physiotherapy. But the hospital has said that Eman is welcome to stay till the time she feels fit to return to Alexandria. 

“When it comes to medical care, India is at par with any other developed country. However, in this case, we do not have a CT scan machine, which could help us make a diagnosis of Eman’s neurological condition, which Shaimaa claims has deteriorated. It is true that Eman’s case has raised the standards of medical tourism in Mumbai. If she goes back, it won’t leave a good impression,” said a veteran doctor from Saifee Hospital.

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