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60 Years Cliff Young Farmer Ultra Marathon Race Legend |Australian race

Cliff Young
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Albert Ernest Clifford Cliff Young was born on 8 February 1922 at beach forest, Victoria. Cliff was an Australian potato farmer and Athlete. Cliff had six brothers and a sister viz., Anne, Helen, Margaret, Barry, Eunice and Sid. He was third eldest son of seven children of Neville Wran. Cliff Young took part from Sydney to Melbourne Ultra marathon race in 1983 at 61 years of age. Cliff Young had remained single throughout his life, but after the 1983 race, at 62 years of age, he married 23-year-old Mary Howell. Young and Howell divorced five years later. Cliff Young grew up on the farm and was trained by his 81-year-old mother.

Cliff Young Struggles:

Cliff Young participated in ultra-Marathons race from Sydney to Melbourne. The race took five days to complete and was normally striving by world class athletes who got trained specially for the event. These athletes are typically less than 30 years old and backed by large companies such as Nike. Cliff Young was 61years old when he participated shocking other players. The other athletes said to him, “You can’t finish this race”. But Cliff Young replied to other athletes,“Yes I can. See, I grew up on a farm where we couldn’t afford horses and tractors and the whole time I was growing up whenever the storms would roll in, I would have to go out and round up the sheep. We had 2000 sheep on 2000 acres. Sometimes I would have to run behind the sheep for two or three days. It took a long time, but I'd always catch them. I believe I can run this race."

When the marathon race started, the press and audience smiled because Cliff could not run properly. Every professional athlete knew for certain that it took about 7 days to finish this race. In order to complete within 7 days, one needs to run 18 hours and sleep 6 hours each day. The thing is, old Cliff Young did not know that. Cliff Young had continued jogging all night. Each night Cliff Young came a little closer to the leading pack. By the final night, he had surpassed all of the young, world-class athletes. He was the first competitor to cross the finish line and he set a new course record.

“In 1983, 61 years Cliff Young won the inaugural 875 km Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon in five days, fifteen hours and four minutes (5 day, 15 hours, 4 min) becoming a National Hero”

Cliff Young Achievements and records:

Cliff young won several world records due to his self-confidence and will power. He was able to achieve even without wearing shoes of international standards and professional training by coaches.

  • In 1979, at the age of 56, he crossed the Westgate Bridge of 16 kilometer race which was amongst the first events in Australia to capture the start of the fun run boom. He ran a very respectable 64 minutes and was even interviewed by the Melbourne media.

  • In 1982, Young attempted to break Siegfried "Ziggy" Bauer's then world record in1,000 miles (1,600 km) of 11 days and 23 hours. The attempt took place in Colac'sMemorial Square. 

  • In 1983 Cliff Young won prize $10,000 of Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon (Sydney to Melbourne race). Cliff was said he didn’t know there was a prize and insisted that he did not enter for the money. He ended up gave all of his winnings to several other runners, an act that endeared him to all of Australia.

  • In 1997 at age 76, Cliff Young made an attempt to beat Ron Grant's around Australia record and completed 6,520 kilometers of the 16,000-kilometre run. He raises money for homeless children.

  • In 2000 Cliff Young achieved a world age record in a six-day race in Victoria.

Cliff Young

    Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon Best Records:

    1. 1983: Cliff Young: 5 days 15 hours 4 min

    2. 1984: Geoff Molloy: 6 days 4 hours 2 min

    3. 1985: Yiannis Kouros: 5 days 5 hours 7 min

    4. 1986: Dusan Mravlje: 6 days 12 hours 38 min

    5. 1987: Yiannis Kouros: 5 days 14 hours 47 min

    6. 1988: Yiannis Kouros: 5 days 19 hours 14 min

    7. 1989: Yiannis Kouros: 5 days 2 hours 27 min

    8. 1990: Yiannis Kouros: 5 days 23 hours 55 min

    Cliff Young Quotes:

    “I think I can do it. In fact, I am sure I can do it. Only death will stop me. If I get run over by a semi –trailer that is the only thing that will stop me; of course, I hope I don’t because I have a lot of living to do after this.”

    “I like to finish what I start doing. I like to see it through to the end, to the best of my ability”

    After Race:

    Cliff Young moved to Queensland and had been living with his former manager Helen Powers and her twin daughters Bridgette and Paula. After five years of illness, Cliff Young died with cancer and several strokes at the age of 81 on 2 November 2003 at his home in Queensland.

    Cliff Young Biography:

    Book Title: Cliff: The Cliff Young Story

    Author: Julietta Jameson

    Edition: Unabridged

    Publisher: Text Publishing Company, 2013

    World Famous Ultra-Marathon Athletes:

    1. Yiannis Kouros:

    Yiannis Kouros was born on 13 Th February 1956 at Tripoli, Arkadia, Greece. Yiannis Kouros is number one ultra-marathon runner and he had broken more than 160 world records. Yiannis Kouros has many nicknames like “Running God”, “Golden Greek”, “Modern Feidippides”, “Unstoppable”, “Master of Pain” and many others.

    Cliff Young

    1. Takahiro Sunada:

    Takahiro Sunada is a Japanese Ultramaraton athelete.Takahiro was born on 19 January 1973 in Osaka. Takahiro Sunada is the IAAF male world record holder to run the 100 km ultra- marathon distance, with a time of 6:13:33 from Lake Saroma-Tokoro Japan on 21 June 1998.

    Cliff Young

    1. Dean Karnazes:

    Dean Karnazes is an American ultra marathon runner. Karnazes’s father is Fran Karnazes and his mother is Nick. He was born on August 23, 1962 in Inglewood in Los Angeles country, California. He had two siblings, brother Kraig and a sister, Pary. Dean Karnazes is one of the fittest men on the planet. He ran across Death Valley in 120 degrees F temperature. Dean Karnazes ran 350 miles (560 km) in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleep in 2005.

    Cliff Young


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