Most Exotic European Destinations to visit During Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Milan, Italy

No matter where you celebrate it, New Year’s Eve is all about glitter, glamor and parties all night long. Here’s a fact though; celebrating New Year’s in mind-blowingly beautiful surroundings does something to you. You feel on top of the world, as though just for one day, anything at all is possible. So take our advice and get yourself to Europe this year for New Year’s. We have picked out the most beautiful destinations in Europe for you to feast your eyes on this New Year’s, as you raise your glass of bubbly to the coming year.

  1. Ibiza


Ibiza is the island of parties, and one of the most beautiful natural spots in the world. Explore Ibiza by day with your honey and spend New Year’s Eve at Pacha, Ibiza’s most emblematic club!  Bespoke luxury, incredible décor, brilliant colors, fireworks, fabulous DJ music and jiving all night in the most beautiful surroundings – a fabulous European vacation and a great way to ring in the New Year!

  1. Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland

You may not think of Poland as a known New Year’s Eve destination, but it is. Dluga and Pl. Teatralna are two clubs in Gdansk that offer the most incredible treats. The tradition is to eat as much as you can till the New Year is born. Booze flows freely at Skwer Kosciuszki; be sure to participate in the special New Year Day swim at the Walrus club with Polish beauties!  

  1. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Celebrate your New Year’s at Porto; you won’t believe the kind of street parties and elaborate New Year’s programs that Porto has on. Thousands of tourists throng here for New Year’s, and the largest party takes place in front of the Porto City Hall, on Avenida dos Aliados, where there’s free booze, great entertainment and fireworks. Another option is to board a cruise boat on the Douro River and set the waters ablaze with fireworks. Porto is one of the best destinations in Europe to celebrate NYE this year.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Your New Year’s holiday will be full of incredible views. The New Year is known as Nochevieja in Barcelona, and to give the Spaniards credit where it’s due, New Year’s Eve parties here are wild as hell. The entire city parties all night near Montujic’s Magic fountain, where incredible pyrotechnic displays take place all night, booze flows like water and the Spaniards, bless their hearts, burn a hole in the floors with their rhumba and salsa and flamenco all night long.

  1. Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands

Take your entire family to the Madeira Islands for New Year’s this year and let them enjoy the fabulously beautiful island. Take them shopping during Christmas at Funchal and to see the gigantic fireworks that are set off all night on New Year’s Eve. Here’s the best part – New Year’s celebrations go on from Christmas all the way to the 12th of January, so if you have a long vacation coming up, Madeira Island is the place to be with your family this year.

  1. Berlin


Sign up for a European vacation this year and get to Berlin in time for NYE celebrations. Take your family to the Party Mile situated between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column for the best fun of their lives. The city has many fun parties and events lined up, including a funny Pancake Run for the whole family. Berlin’s full of cultural programs and party tents set up everywhere offering great eatables and fun. Everywhere you look there are fireworks and laser lights shining up the skies all night long for days before the New Year?

  1. Brussels


Take you family to Brussels to enjoy the Happy Brussels New Year Extravaganza. Become a part of the crazy party that sets up pyrotechnic displays all over the city for days before the New Year. The city’s clubs and bars are all lit up, with DJ music and dancing and boozing going on all hours. What can you expect, with more than 60 DJ’s in Brussels, 15 top clubs and bars and some magnificent natural venues to ring the New Year in? It’s all about endless parties and rocking and rolling all the way from Christmas to New Year’s when you’re in one of the best cities in Europe - Brussels.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is beautiful, loaded with historic charm and the most amazing architecture you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Get to the Old City for NYE with your family and enjoy a series of gala dinners, operas, special concerts, festive balls and random festive parties all over the city. Get to the Exhibition Grounds for glitzy partying all night on New Year’s Eve. Vienna is one of the top European destinations for Christmas and NYE this year.

  1. Istanbul


Istanbul is an ancient city but the NYE celebrations here are epic! Head out to Taksim square, Istikul Street and the Faith districts for midnight fireworks and NYE countdown parties. Get an eyeful of Istanbul’s spectacular decorated profile on NYE from the Golden Horn. Check out the wine houses, cafes, restaurants and bars for top NYE offers. Better still, sign up for a special dinner cruise on the Bosporus and watch the seas light up with fireworks on NYE.

  1. Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

Milan turns in to a totally different city during Christmas and New Year’s. All the main town squares such as the Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello and Piazza Affari put on live performances by acrobats, dancers and musicians. Plus, there are light and color shows and firework displays too. Enjoy the many theater events and special operatic performances in the city during this time. It’s Italy, and it’s all about great wines and champagne. So apply for your Italy visa now and get ready to welcome Happy Hour on NYE with the best of Milanese spirits!


Almost every city in Europe has its own vibrant history; each has played a significant role in world history. On NYE, European cities pull all the stops out and celebrate with a vengeance. Choose the destination of your choice and have a fabulous time this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.