Family And Friends

Family & Friends

Family and Friends play an important role in our lives. We have many memorable movements with family and friends. You get a warm welcome to the world by your mother and family members.

The Family is your blood and they are the people who accept you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. The family is the only place where your life begins and love never ends. We all have close and extended family relations with many people like parents, siblings, in-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins and so on.

“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.”

Why family is important to us? Because our family is our supporting system and loves us in a way no one can. Our ménages give us a sense of belonging, our life partners help us taking decisions, our siblings entertain us and our relatives protect and comfort us. Family lets us grow, learn and helps us passing through failures and makes sure that you’re never alone. Everyone has the special moments, occasions and memories with family members.

Friend is a person who is always with us and for us and shares happiness as well as distress. It is an old adage that truly and correctly describes a friend –“A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Why Friends are so special and important part of life? because they unconditionally love and care for us without expectations and assurances. They will always available in needy and extend their helping hand. Nobody can understand our thoughts, dreams and feelings better than a friend. Friends accept and love us for who we are and make the situations lighter with endless jokes, experiences and suggestions when our spirits are down. Friends are our feeling stores to preserve our best kept secrets. The memories of moments with friends are the factors that make life exciting and joyous. Without friends, our life would be unimaginably boring and helpless.

How long should you remember all things?

We can’t remember all the things in lifelong, sometimes we forget our childhood memories. So we need a platform to record all the memories and recall them at any time. Popular social media have the facility to store and share such stuff with our near and dears but, couldn’t write in pages and store them in the form of a book in a secured place. Here, we develop a safe and secure platform Diary Store.

Diary Store is the best place to store the memories about family and friends permanently. Diary Store provides the opportunity to store the photos and also write a record about that memorable moments spend with your family and friends. This is possible only to registered members of Diary Store.

Family and Friends feature enables you to find your registered friends and family members with name or email. If you want to add a person in your friends or family list, select the Relation Type as Friend then select the friend category from School, College, University, Company and others. Use the textbox provided to chat with your friend upon requesting and gets the acceptance. Similarly, select Relation Type as Family to add and communicate with yours family members by sending a request and gets an approval. You can view the profile of your friend family and add notes about your relation. You can also share your memorable moments, photos and travel experiences. You can deny the request from an unknown source. You will be notified in the case of your friend or family members Upload posts in Inspire and Tour Columns.

Life teach us everything, Store in a secured place called as Diary Store